Commercial Products

Own a small business or simply looking to buy larger quantities of Victor® products? Our commercial products may be the right choice for you!
Prevent the Problem. Control Labor Costs. Gather Data.

Electronic Traps

Highly Effective With 100% Quick Kill Rate

Mouse Control » Rat Control » Electronic Traps

Ultrasonic Repellents

Keep Rodents Out Before They Enter Your Business

Mouse Control » Rat Control » Ultrasonic Repellents

Snap Traps

For Fast, Effective Rodent Control

Mouse Control » Rat Control » Snap Traps

Live Traps

Get Rid of Mice Without Having to Touch or Kill Them

Mouse Control » Live Traps

Glue Traps

Effective Rodent Control With No Setting or Baiting

Mouse Control » Rat Control » Glue Traps

Hygienic Traps

The Cleanest Innovation in the History of Rodent Control

Mouse Control » Hygienic Traps

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