Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap

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  • Quickly kills mice with a humane, high-voltage shock
  • 100% kill rate - beveled columns trap mouse in place
  • No-See, No-Touch™ disposal of rodents
  • Green LED light lets you know when there’s a catch
  • Built-in bait cup ensures proper baiting
  • For indoor use only
  • Available sizes: 1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack

Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap

Quickly eliminate mice with the humane, high voltage killing power of the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap. Featuring a sleek, simple design, this trap has a built-in bait cup and allows for easy setup and No-See, No-Touch™ disposal. To use, simply apply bait in the built-in bait cup, place the trap along the wall near signs of rodent activity, and turn it on.

Quick, Humane Kill

Quick, Humane Kill

The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap uses smart circuit technology to deliver a humane, high-voltage shock, killing mice quickly. Once fully inside the tunnel, beveled columns keep the mouse in place over the plates, ensuring a 100% kill rate if used as directed with fully charged batteries.

No-See, No-Touch™ Disposal

To enter the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap, mice pass through a uniquely designed tunnel with beveled columns. These columns direct the mouse further into the tunnel and make it difficult to back out. The columns also help to keep the mouse in place over the trigger plate to prevent escapes, ensuring a 100% kill rate.

No-See, No-Touch Disposal
Innovative Safety Features

Innovative Safety Features

When it comes to safely eliminating rodent infestations, Victor® leads the way. Designed with Kill-Switch technology, this trap automatically shuts off when the kill chamber lid is opened. When the lid is closed, beveled columns inside the trap prevent children and pets from reaching in to touch the electrified plates.

Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap
Model Number CM250B
Available Sizes 1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack
Batteries required 4 “AA” batteries (not included)
Kills Per Setting 1
Kill Method Humane, high voltage shock
LED light alerts
  • Trap enabled: Green light flashes after switching ON
  • Rodent caught: Green light flashes every 10 seconds (up to 1 week)
  • Low battery: Red light flashed every 10 seconds
Where to use Indoors only

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Very consistent and works extraordinarily ...
May 13, 2024
Very consistent and works extraordinarily well. Simply the best product to help solve the problem!
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I was trying standard mouse ...
Apr 25, 2024
I was trying standard mouse traps and twice while prepping my finger was caught in the trap and I experienced the pain it created. One of the traps caught a little mouse and it was horrible. It caught the mouse across the abdomen and it was suffering. I couldn’t stand it so I had to drown it. I felt awful but I could not let it suffer forever. I found these electronic traps and although I hated trapping them, I had to deal with the problem. Mice propagate fast and if you do not solve the problem, they are everywhere. These work amazingly fast. You hear the electronics gear up quickly and you hear a quick squeak and it is over. The mouse does not suffer more than a few seconds vs every other option. It is fast and efficient. It Is says to use peanut butter but I use a small piece of cheese and a little peanut butter on top for easy clean up.. The season is upon us and I am ordering again. Now I know how to deal with the problem without unnecessary suffering. I guarantee this is the best way for you and the mouse.
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