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What does it take to build a better mouse trap? For Victor®, it takes more than a century of refinement, honing our expertise to create a wide selection of time-tested and innovative products to help you eliminate rodents with the least amount of suffering. Because how you do it matters.

Our Mission

As the trusted leader in rodent control, Victor® is dedicated to offering precision-engineered solutions to end your rodent concerns effectively and mindfully.

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Over 125 Years Of
Innovative Rodent Control

For more than 125 years, Victor® has been dedicated to providing solutions to rodent problems. The first Victor® spring-based mouse trap was invented in 1898 by John Mast, who wanted to keep the mice from a nearby popcorn factory off his property. Mast’s device set a new standard for trap engineering, quickly gaining popularity, and revolutionizing the rodent control market. Over a century and billions of impressions of the iconic Victor® “V” later, and Victor® continues to manufacture iconic pest prevention and control products at our headquarters in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Victor® offers the broadest line of rodent control products in the market including snap traps, electronic traps, repellents, and more. So, whether you are attempting to prevent a rodent infestation or trying to fight one, Victor® has the solutions to help you do it right.

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