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Victor electronic mouse trap

Victor® Electronic Rat Traps

Electronic rat traps control rodent invasions fast. They're highly effective, yet still humane, and so easy for you to use.

The newest innovation in rodent control, electronic rat traps, exclusively from Victor, can control rodents homes and businesses. Electronic rat traps are long-lasting, making them a valuable investment in powerful rodent control.


Using an electronic rat trap couldn't be easier. After baiting the rat trap, you simply set it where you have seen evidence of rodent activity and turn it on for effortless rodent control.


Rats enter the trap to get to the bait, but once inside the traps, they cannot escape or survive. Using advanced smart circuit technology, these traps deliver lethal shocks to the rodents. A green light on the outside of the electronic rat trap indicates that a pest has been caught. You never see or touch the dead rat


Choose from one of these electronic rat traps to start getting rid of rodents today.

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Kills 60 Rats per Set of Batteries
$150  $99.98 Sale
Kills 50 Rats per Set of Batteries
$135  $89.98 Sale
Kills 20 Rats per Set of Batteries
$120  $79.98 Sale
Kills 60 Rats per Set of Batteries
Kills 20 Rats per Set of Batteries
Remote Indicator Light
Battery Pack
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