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All About Victor® Mouse Control

Victor® Pest: Trusted Rodent and Mouse Control Solutions


The house mouse was originally called "little thief" and quickly became a pest among populations. But, for every villain, there is a super hero! Victor's wooden snap mouse trap came to the rescue in the late 1800's, beginning a long tradition of high quality rodent control products only available from Victor®.

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Victor Electronic Traps


Mice and rats destroy property and food and have a history of causing awful diseases such as the Plague, Salmonella and Hantavirus! Take care of the problem with Victor® Electronic Traps!

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How to Set the Original Mouse Trap


When you need to know the best way to catch a mouse, it's time to buy the original, most trusted, and the BEST mouse trap on the planet -- the Victor wooden snap trap mouse trap!

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Victor Rodent Control Tips on "The Balancing Act"


In this feature video, Victor appears on Lifetime's hit show "The Balancing Act" to give rodent tips to the audience and viewers. Victor's representative, Karolyn Warfel, focuses on rodent control tips for protecting your family and home from rodents.

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How Big is a Mouse?


Ever wondered how big a mouse is? You may be surprised! Most mice are very small and able to fit into tiny holes in search of food. Victor mice traps have been tested on various sizes of mice and all mice, large and small, are able to fit into our traps.

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How to Set An Easy Set Mouse Trap


How do you set a mouse trap? This quick clip from Victor shows you how to set a mouse trap. The trap used is the Victor Easy Set mouse trap. Watch the clip, and you'll be able to set a mouse trap like a pro!

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Repel Rodents with Victor PestChaser Repellents


The Victor PestChaser® protects your home from mice by using science instead of poisons. Developed after years of research, the PestChaser® emits a high-frequency sound wave that creates a jackhammer-like mouse repellent noise to mice. Use a Victor PestChaser to repel rodents from your home and keep your family safe from the diseases that rodents carry.

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The Ultimate Mouse Trap -- Victor Multi-Kill


Victor introduces the latest in innovation and rodent control: the ultimate mouse trap! The Victor Multi-Kill! Our Multi-Kill trap is the faster, easiest and most effective solution on the market today.

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