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Victor electronic mouse trap

Victor® Electronic Mouse Traps

Highly effective with 100% quick kill rate. Easy to use, no setting or glue.

Tired of mice invading your property? Get help from Victor® with our electronic mouse trap bundles. These kits are designed to work synergistically and systematically to quickly and humanely remove the pests wreaking havoc in your home or place of business. With electronic mouse traps from Victor®, effective rodent control has never been easier!


If you have a mouse problem in your home, begin embracing the simplicity of the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap. This is an easy-to-use trap that activates when the rodent completes a circuit by touching metal plates inside the housing compartment. Simply bait the trap with recommended mouse trap bait such as peanut butter, place against the wall (or other areas with signs of rodent activity), turn on and let the trap do the rest!


Just one electronic mouse trap by Victor® has the power to eliminate a small rodent infestation in just one night! This powerful form of rodent control delivers a high-voltage shock to eliminate up to 3 mice per setting, using just a set of 4 AA batteries for every 50 mice it exterminates. An easy-to-read indicator light informs you when it’s disposal time, and without ever having to see or touch a dead mouse, just simply dump the bodies in the trash and replace for continued use.


Electronic mouse traps by Victor® are ideal for garages, attics, kitchens, basements, sheds or any location where a mouse infestation is perceived to be. These traps are safe to use anywhere in the home, so rest assured you no longer have to worry about small children getting fingers caught or loud snaps from traditional traps to make you jump. This trap can be used indefinitely (with conditional replacement of batteries), making Victor® your guaranteed choice for an investment in lifetime rodent control.


Don’t delay any longer, start experiencing effective quiet, rodent control with the electronic mouse trap designed by Victor® today!


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Kills up to 10 Mice without Resetting
$270  $179.98 Sale
Kills 100 Mice per Set of Batteries
$75  $49.98 Sale
Kills up to 10 Mice without Resetting
Kills up to 3 Mice without Resetting
Kills 100 Mice per Set of Batteries
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