Glue Traps

Capture rodents and insects with our easy-to-use Victor® Glue Mouse Traps! Simply place the
glue traps along runways where they travel.
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  • 48 TRAPS
    Victor® Hold-Fast® Mouse Glue Tray
  • Victor® Pest Glue Board

  • 12 TRAPS
    Victor® Hold-Fast® Mouse Glue Tray
  • Victor® Hold-Fast® Mouse Glue Tray


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No Setting or Baiting Our Mouse Glue Traps

Using a sticky surface to catch unwanted pests, Victor® Mouse Glue Traps provide effective rodent control with no setting or bait.


Our Mouse Glue Traps Are Secure and Safe

For easy pest control, the mouse glue traps have a large capture surface that ensures quick trapping of rodents, insects and spiders. When used as directed, Victor®’s non-toxic proprietary glue securely contains even heavy mice.


The disposable mouse glue traps are safe for use around food, water, children and pets when used as directed.


Catch and Release with Mouse Glue Traps

To employ catch and release mouse control, live rodents can be removed from the mouse glue traps with the use of vegetable oil and set free at least 5 miles outside of the home.