Mouse Glue Boards

Victor® glue traps were designed to capture mice and rats, but they can also help you rid your home of other pests as well. Simple to use and easy to place, glue traps don’t require any bait and can be disposed of after a capture.
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Victor® Mouse Glue Traps are Easy to Use – No Setting or Baiting

Victor® mouse glue traps provide effective rodent control without any tricky setting or use of bait. Instead, mouse glue boards feature a pre-baited sticky surface which attracts mice and other pests, stopping pests in their tracks upon contact. Just place the traps along walls and other areas where there are signs of high pest activity. You’ll be catching mice, rats, insects, and spiders in no time at all. To make your job even easier, mouse glue traps are disposable to allow for quick cleanup after a catch.


Victor® Mouse Glue Traps Are Secure and Safe for Home Use

For easy pest control, the mouse glue traps have a large capture surface. This convenient feature ensures that rodents, insects, and spiders are caught quickly, with minimal effort from you. When used as directed, our proprietary glue securely contains even heavy rodents.


Glue traps do not require the use of poisons or chemicals to effectively eliminate rodents in your home. Victor® mouse glue traps feature a non-toxic glue to provide a superior hold. This glue is safe for use anywhere around your home or business, even around food, water, children and pets.


Victor® Mouse Glue Traps Allow for Catch and Release

Like live traps, mouse glue traps can be used to release rodents. To employ catch and release mouse control, live rodents can be removed from the mouse glue traps.  Simply use vegetable oil to release the rodent then set it free at least 5 miles outside of the home to prevent them from returning to your home. Once you’re done, simply dispose of the used trap for quick and easy cleanup.


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