How to Properly Place Glue Traps

where to place a rodent glue trap

Glue traps are an excellent method for ridding your home of rats and mice. Like all traps, however, the key to their success lies in knowing how to properly place them. Read on to learn how glue traps work, what benefits they have to offer, and how to use them to get the best results.

Benefits of Rodent Glue Traps

Victor® glue traps are a simple and non-toxic method of rodent control. Glue traps are inexpensive, easy to use, and come in a variety of styles. There’s no setting or baiting required to use them, so they are perfect for people of all experience levels. We offer both disposable glue traps, as well as refillable glue trays to suit your needs. In addition to catching rodents, glue traps are also great for catching crawling insects that invade your home.

Victor® Hold-Fast® Refillable Glue Trays boasts a sturdy, refillable design that allows you to use them over and over to help you control your pest problems. Each glue trap board can be conveniently popped or slid out of the tray to make set up and disposal as easy and simple as possible. Due to the large surface area of the glue traps, you can catch multiple mice and insects at once to keep your home pest-free.

Victor® Hold-Fast® Disposable Glue Traps, on the other hand, can be used in over 10 different configurations so you can place them anywhere. Each trap can lay flat, folded to prevent dust or debris from getting on the glue, or they can be folded into a unique shape to place in corners, in between appliances, or underneath furniture. Their versatility does not stop there. You can even tear along the perforated edges to create two separate traps.

All Victor® glue traps come pre-baited with a peanut butter scent that entices rodents to step onto the sticky surface. Once they step foot on the board, the rodents and insects become stuck fast.

Tips for Using Glue Traps

person placing tented glue board along a baseboard in a living room

Always place your glue boards or glue traps along known travel paths of the rodent. Rats are cautious to interact with new environments, so make sure to place your Victor® glue trap in areas where you’ve seen signs of heavy rat activity. Mice, however, like to travel along walls and baseboards so be sure to place your traps along these runways in areas where evidence of mice has been seen.

You have a few options when placing traps, depending on the style you are using. For example, our traditional glue boards and Hold-Fast® Disposable Glue Traps can be laid flat with the side along the wall bent up 90 degrees. This will create two catch areas, one along the wall and another on the floor.

Another option is to tent or tunnel the glue trap. This is a great option when placed in a dusty or dirty area or you want to prevent children or pets from coming in contact with the adhesive. Refillable trays can only be placed flat but offer a large surface area to catch more pests as they travel along their runways.

By following these simple tips, you will greatly increase your success and eliminate your rat or mouse problem. Are you looking for alternative methods of rodent control? 

How to Trap and Release Rodents with Glue Traps

separated disposable glue board sitting on wood floor

Many people don’t know it, but glue traps can be used for humane catch and release. When it’s time to release your captive, just add a bit of olive oil to the glue. This will cause it to lose its stickiness and the mouse should be able to free itself. You can use the end of a pencil to assist if needed. Do not attempt to pull the mouse off without deactivating the glue first.

After you’ve placed your trap, regularly monitor it for catches. If your goal is to catch and release the mice, it’s important to make sure they’re released in a timely manner. You don’t want to leave them too long without access to food and water! Take the trap to a location offsite, at least 2 miles away from your home, before releasing the rodent. After all, you don’t want it running right back into your home.

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