Firm vs. Senstitive: Best Tips for Setting Mouse Traps

Firm vs. Sensitive: Best Tips for Setting Mouse Traps

Wooden rat and mouse traps have been successfully used to eliminate rodents both inside and outside for quite some time now. You might think that you know everything about these traps, but there is one feature that is often overlooked. If you use our wood base expanded trigger Easy Set® traps, you can adjust the sensitivity. Learn the different settings, when to use them, and why you should pay attention and adjust the trap to your situation.


The Two Settings on Mouse & Rat Snap Traps

Snap traps, like the Victor® mouse and rat traps or other wooden snap traps, will work more effectively and get the desired results quicker when set properly. With our Easy Set® traps, adjusting the sensitivity of the trap may be required to reach the achieved results that you want. Very few people know about the benefits of these traps and how you can alter the sensitivity – even some pest management professionals manage to overlook this feature!

After you bait your trap and place the armbar over the kill bar and under the yellow pedal of the trap, you might notice an F and S imprinted on the trigger of the trap. Most people have mistaken these letters for “fast” and “slow” settings for the trap. Rather, these letters stand for “firm” and “sensitive” in terms of what pressure level will set off the trap. Where you place the locking bar will alter the sensitivity of the trap.

The firm setting is ideal when dealing with an environment that may have vibrations from equipment, tow motors, or other big machinery. Although these small movements might not be noticeable to you, they can cause your snap trap to go off even without a rodent going anywhere near it. By adjusting the sensitivity towards “firm”, it will take more than vibrations or slight movement to set it off – like a mouse or a rat trying to get bait.

However, if you notice that when you check on your trap, the bait is gone but there isn’t any sign of the rodent, you might need to adjust it to the “sensitive” setting. This setting is also used for more elusive rodents that have quicker reactions. When set to “sensitive”, a small movement will trigger the trap to snap and catch the rodent you’ve been after.

Most of the time, though, you’ll probably be using the normal amount of sensitivity (somewhere in the middle) when setting up your trap. This works well for most rodents if in the typical house or garage setting. If your trap isn’t catching the pests the way you want, you might have to play around and see which setting is best for you and your location. What works for one person in one place might completely different than your situation! Take advantage of the ability to adjust your traps’ sensitivity for more optimum results.

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