Firm vs. Sensitive: Best Tips for Setting Mouse Traps

Firm vs. Sensitive: Best Tips for Setting Mouse Traps

The F & the S: Learn the Two Settings on Mouse and Rat Snap Traps

When using wood base expanded trigger rodent snap traps such as the Victor® mouse and rat traps you must set them properly to achieve required results. It is important to understand that the sensitivity can be adjusted on these snap traps.  Don’t worry because even pest management professionals are sometimes not aware of the benefit of these style traps that you can adjust their sensitivity.


There is an F and S imprinted on the yellow expanded trigger of each trap. The F stands for Firm and the S stands for Sensitive, not fast and slow as some mistakenly believe. Where you set and place the locking bar will determine your sensitivity.

If you ever had a difficult time sliding a rat trap in to an area without it going off it was probably due to the trap being set on the sensitive setting. Make sure to use the firm setting when placing traps in areas prone to vibration from equipment or tow motors. If you are finding it difficult to trap a pesky rodent or notice your bait is missing, try a more sensitive setting.  The sensitive setting will be easily triggered to catch that elusive rodent. The majority of the time you would simply set your traps with the locking bar in the middle. Take advantage of the ability to adjust the sensitivity of your traps for optimum results.

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