Rodenticides: What Are They and Why Should You Use Them?

Rodenticides: What Are They and Why Should You Use Them?

Rodenticides, when used properly, are an effective and easy-to-use solution for ridding your home of mice and rats. With so many different types on the market, it can be easy to get bogged down with options and choosing the best solution for your home can become confusing. When disease carrying critters invade your space and cause damage, VictorⓇ has you covered with a wide variety of effective solutions. Learn more below about incorporating rodenticides into your rodent control plan.

What are Rodenticides?

Put simply, rodenticides are pesticides that are designed to kill rodents. Most rodenticides are formulated as baits that attract rodents with ingredients such as peanut butter or molasses. The active ingredients are grouped into two categories: anticoagulants and non-anticoagulants. Normally, the volume of bait consumed will be significantly less with non-anticoagulant baits than with anticoagulant baits, allowing you to control more rodents with less bait.

Benefits of Using Rodenticides

Rodenticides provide a quick and easy solution to rodent control no matter how large an infestation may be. There are many benefits associated with this type of rodent control, making it a great option to add to your arsenal of solutions.

  • Easy to Use and Place -- Most rodenticides are simple to use and require little to no assembly. Some bait stations, such as the Fast-Kill BrandⓇ Mouse and Rat Bait Stations, come ready to use with the bait already placed inside. Simply place where you see activity and let the rodent bait station do the work!

  • Single Dose Kills -- Many rodenticides offer a single dose kill for humane rodent disposal. This means your infestation will be under control much more quickly in comparison to other methods!

  • Cost Effective -- Single dose kills mean more product is available for mice and rats that have not yet discovered the bait station. With rodenticides, you can control and get rid of more pests with less bait.

  • Child Resistant -- Some rodenticide bait stations, like the VictorⓇ Fast-Kill BrandⓇ Mouse and Rat Bait Stations, come with features to give you peace of mind when placing rodenticides in a house with children. The bait stations are child resistant and are designed so small fingers cannot reach the poison.

  • Attracts Rodents to a Specific Location -- The VictorⓇ Fast-Kill BrandⓇ palatable bait formula attracts mice and rats to wherever you have placed your bait station. The bait appeals to their natural affinity for gnawing with ingredients like oats. Rodents find the formula delicious and keep eating until they consume a lethal dose.

Types of Rodenticide Bait Stations from VictorⓇ

Victor Rodenticide Bait Station

Regardless of your budget or desired level of involvement with the bait stations, VictorⓇ has options for you! There are two types of bait stations available, disposable and refillable. Both have unique features that set them apart from comparable rodenticides.

Every Fast-KillⓇ Brand Disposable or Refillable Bait Station comes ready to use, which saves you valuable time and helps you get down to business on your mouse or rat problem. Gloves are also included to keep you safe from the rodenticides if/when you need to refill the station.

Rodents don’t like to travel where they cannot see their path. Single-entry bait stations tend to go against their natural instincts and make mice and rats less likely to venture inside to eat the bait. Dual-entry bait stations, such as the VictorⓇ Fast-KillⓇ Brand, are much more appealing to their instincts and allow rodents to feel confident they are about to receive a delicious meal instead of their demise.

Homeowners with children tend to be more hesitant when it comes to choosing a rodenticide over other methods to solve their rodent problem. When choosing the VictorⓇ Fast-KillⓇ Brand, parents can ease their stress thanks to the child-resistant designs. Each rodent bait station is designed with beveled columns that prevent small fingers from reaching in and touching the rodenticide. The sturdy plastic casing cannot be opened on the disposable models and features child-resistant opening mechanisms on the refillable versions.

Thinking About Trying Rodenticides?

Mice and rats are a major headache for homeowners, but with some planning and the right tools you can eliminate them from your home. VictorⓇ Fast-KillⓇ Brand Bait Stations offer many advantages and easy-to-use features regardless of your rodent control experience.

Have you tried rodenticides before? How have you dealt with rodent infestations in the past? We want to know! Let us know your thoughts and reach out with any questions when you visit the VictorⓇ Facebook page.

Want more in-depth knowledge about rodent control and the options available to you? Head over to our learning center to learn more!

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