House Mouse

House Mouse Facts

Scientific Name:

Mus Musculus meaning "little thief"


Dusty gray


½-1 ounce


2.5-4 inches

Tail Length:

As long as body - up to 4 inches


Small head & slender body


Moderately large ears


Small & somewhat protruding; color blind


1-2 years


¼ inch long with pointed ends; dark color


Best Mouse Trap Baits

The best mouse trap bait lures the rodents in for a taste and helps prevent them from taking it without getting trapped. Mice are natural seed eaters, but inside homes they're very attracted to high-calorie sweets and fatty foods.

Tiny bits of peanut butter or soft cheese have always worked well. Stick a pinch or two of marshmallows, gum drops or beef jerky to the trigger and the trap will spring when mice take a bite.

When female mice gather nesting materials in fall and winter, dental floss, yarn and twine attract them to the trap. Tie the fabrics to the trigger, so the trap springs when mice pull on it. You can also try our pre-baited Victor® Easy Set® Mouse Trap to help lure mice out.

Victor® recommends these baits to trap mice:

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter





Gum Drops

Gum Drops

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Nesting Materials

Nesting Materials such as dental floss, yarn or twine

Need to catch a mouse? Try these traps out!

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