Commercial Rat Glue Traps

With Victor® bulk commercial rat glue traps, you can get easy and effective rodent control at a competitive price. Our humane rat glue traps will quickly target the pests in and around your business or rental property. Plus, glue traps don’t require bait and are conveniently disposable, helping to save you time in your pest control efforts. Simply place the ready-to-use glue traps along walls where rats frequently travel and you’ll soon be rid of your rat invaders for good!
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    Victor® Rat Glue Board - 24 Traps

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Choose Rat Glue Traps For Effective Rodent Control

Trapping a rat has never been easier than with rat glue traps from Victor®. This easy-to-use method of rodent control can help you catch those unwanted pests in no time. Our glue traps are pre-baited and require no setting, helping to save you time in your pest control efforts. Simply expose the sticky surface and position them along the walls in areas where you see signs of rodent activity. To make your job even easier, these traps are disposable to allow for a quick cleanup after a catch.


Great for Trap and Release Rodent Control

If you’re looking for a humane rodent control method, our commercial rat glue traps can be used to release rodents safely back outside. To utilize catch-and-release pest control, live rats can be removed from the glue traps with a bit of vegetable oil. After releasing the rat, set it free at least 5 miles away to prevent it from returning.


Commercial Glue Traps Offer a Non-Toxic Trapping Alternative

For your convenience, our proprietary non-toxic glue doesn’t emit vapors and won’t create a mess where it is placed. In addition, the highly adhesive surface is able to securely contain even large rats and mice. Best of all, when used as directed, glue traps are safe for use around people and pets. Our bulk rat traps can also be safely placed around food and water, so you can confidently use them as directed in restaurants, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals and homes.


Rat Glue Traps in Bulk Ensure Economical Rodent Control

Do you want to save money on pest control, but still effectively protect your customers, family and pets from disease-carrying rodents? Victor® offers commercial glue rat traps in bulk to help you fight your rat infestation at an economical price. Our convenient multiple packs offer the trapping power you need to eradicate rats and other pests quickly and efficiently.


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