Glue Rat Traps

Control destructive rats with one of our strong glue traps that ensnare disease-carrying rats.
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    Victor® Rat Glue Board

    Victor® Rat Glue Board


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Choose Rat Glue Traps For Effective Rodent Control

Trapping a rat has never been easier. Rat glue traps are easy-to-use methods of rodent control that can help you catch those unwanted pests. Our rat trap supply store sells glue traps that are pre-baited with an appealing synthetic peanut butter scent, so you don’t have to worry about finding and baiting traps; these rat glue boards likewise require no setting on your part. Simply expose the sticky surface and position them along the walls in areas where you see signs of rodent activity. The proprietary non-toxic glue securely contains even large rats and mice. This method of rodent control is safe for people and pets. Non-toxic glue rat traps are also safe for use around food and water, so you can use them in restaurants, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals and homes.


Our Rat Trap Supply Store Offers Rat Glue Traps in Bulk

Looking to save money on your rodent control? Victor® offers commercial rat glue traps in bulk. These multiple packs offer you an economical way to eradicate rats and the parasites traveling on them that carry diseases. These diseases can easily be transmitted to any pet or human. Get the protection you need from our rat trap supply store.


Our Rat Trap Supply Store Has the Information You Need

Not sure if a rat is the cause of your problems? Learn how to analyze the signs of rodent activity with our rodent library and discover which pest is wreaking havoc in your home or place of business. Protect your family from the diseases spread by rodents with effective products from our rat trap supply store.