Smart-Kill™ Electronic Rat Trap (M2)

With the Victor® Smart-Kill™ Electronic Rat Trap, you can get updates from your trap no matter where you are! This innovative Wi-Fi-enabled trap pairs with an app on your mobile device to alert you of a catch so you know when it’s time to empty the trap without having to check.

Learn more about how to use, clean, and troubleshoot your Victor® Smart-Kill™ Electronic Rat Trap by navigating through our helpful customer support section.


Victor Smart-Kill™ Electronic Rat Trap Video



  1. Use a set of new “C” batteries when setting up your trap to ensure the trap is working at full capacity.
  2. Be sure to use a high-protein bait, such as peanut butter, being careful to apply it only on the indicated bait cup.
  3. Use a device that is already connected to your WiFi network to test the signal strength before setup.
  4. Clean the trap after each use for most effective results.
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