Diagnose Your Problem

Where to Start

To begin eliminating your rodent problems, start with a good inspection. Inspecting your home, shed or barn is important for determining which type of rodents are present: rats or mice. A good inspection provides three main valuable pieces of information:

  • Type of Infestation
  • Extent of Infestation
  • Location for Control Effort

Other Signs of Rodents

A mouse being stalked by a cat

Urine Odor

Both rats and mice urinate frequently during their daily travels. Research has shown that a mouse is capable of depositing 3,000 droplets in just 24 hours. Rodent urine is often deposited in their runways and other frequented areas.

Rodent odor may be particularly pronounced in larger rodent infestations and may persist for prolonged periods. Also, cats and dogs may excitedly sniff and probe an area where rodents are present.

Mice climbing and chewing on books


Various sounds produced by rodents and their young such as high-pitched squeaks, gnawing sounds, scratching and digging noises, and sounds of rodents fighting can commonly be heard during night inspections.


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