Diagnose Your Problem

Where to Start

To begin eliminating your rodent problems, start with a good inspection. Inspecting your home, shed or barn is important for determining which type of rodents are present: rats or mice. A good inspection provides three main valuable pieces of information:

  • Type of Infestation
  • Extent of Infestation
  • Location for Control Effort

Gnawing Damage

Evidence of recent gnawing is an excellent sign for determining the presence of rodents.

A pipe gnawed by mice


  • Hole Size: ½ inch in diameter; small, clean-cut
  • Gnawed Material: Wires, plastic, wood, corners of cardboard boxes, bags
A wall and wire gnawed by a rat


  • Hole Size: 2 inches in diameter; rough, torn edges
  • Gnawed Material: Wood, corners, floor joists, wall studs

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