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How to Use

Electronic Mouse Trap PRO

Trap Setup

  1. Remove battery cover, insert 4 “AA” batteries and replace the battery cover.
  2. Open the top of the trap.
  3. Place bait in the bait trough located on the back wall of the trap. Apply a small amount of peanut butter or another high-protein bait. Use a Q-tip, toothpick or other tool when baiting so you don’t transfer your scent to the trap. Close the lid.
  4. Place the trap where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along a wall where rodents primarily travel. Place the trap lengthwise against the wall with the entrance hole nearest the wall.
  5. Turn on the trap. A green light will blink once and the unit will buzz to show the trap is working properly.


  • Be sure that the trap is powered OFF and batteries are removed before baiting the trap.
  • Rodents prefer foods that are high in protein and fat. Try using peanut butter, hazelnut spread, chocolate and meats such as bacon or beef jerky. Be careful not to use too much.
  • Rodents have a very strong sense of smell, so only a small amount of bait is needed to attract them to the trap.
  • Open the kill chamber door to access the bait trough, which can be found on the back wall of the trap. Use a cotton swab, toothpick, tweezers or similar tool to place bait so that your scent is not transferred to the trap.


  • Turn the unit OFF and remove the batteries.
  • Open the kill chamber lid and properly discard rodent(s) in the trash.
  • Clean and bait the trap after each use for the most effective results.
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