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Have questions you need answered to keep your restaurant, hotel, or food service operating rodent-free? Read our library of frequently asked questions and their respective answers. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Restaurants/Hotels/Food Service
Landlords & Other Businesses

Landlords & Other Businesses

Below are some FAQs to help you keep your rental properties rodent free.

Small Business

Q: What evidence may I notice of rodents at my rental property?

A: Evidence may include:

  • Rodent droppings
  • Holes
  • Runways - greasy rub marks from the rodent traveling back and forth
  • Gnaw marks on doors, plastic containers, baseboard, or corners of walls
  • Pungent odor from rodent urine and presence

Q: A tenant just informed me they saw a mouse. What do I do as a landlord?

A: As a landlord, there are several steps you can take:

  • Eliminate rodent access to the apartment by filling holes and cracks in walls, ceiling, and floors with coarse steel wool, caulk, or mortar.
  • Eliminate water source by repairing potential plumbing leaks in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Work with the tenant to determine what type of rodent control is best suited for the elimination inside. There are many options including snap traps, live catch traps, electronic traps, rodenticides, and ultrasonics.

Some things to consider when answering this question include:

1. Does the tenant have children or pets?

If the answer is yes, then snap traps and rodenticides can be used, but must be placed in protective stations or in areas inaccessible to children and pets. Other options would be Tin Cats® or electronic traps.

2. Does your tenant want to avoid the unpleasant sight of rodents?

If yes, then a secure trap such as the Victor® Smart-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap is a good solution. It will also send you notifications to your mobile device so you can keep track of the infestation from wherever you are.


Q: What does my tenant need to do to eliminate and prevent rodents?

A: Your tenant needs to do several things:

  • Don't leave food on the stove or counters.
  • If pets are present pick water dish up at night and store food in "rodent proof" container. Don't leave the food dish out.
  • Remove trash from the apartment daily.
  • Pick up food debris from children and pets.
  • Report the first signs or sightings of rodents to the landlord.

Q: What preventative measures can I take to ensure my tenants have a rodent free home?

A: Sanitation

  • Eliminate trash and food debris outdoors.
  • Mow tall weeds and lawn outside of apartment building.
  • Keep garbage in "rodent proof" containers.


  • Add metal kick plates or door sweeps to bottom of doors.
  • Seal cracks / holes with coarse steel wool, mortar, or caulk.

Use preventative rodent devices

  • Use bait stations on the exterior of your building - dispatch rodents before they have enter.
  • Use and monitor traps in basement and garage areas.
  • Place ultrasonic PestChasers® in outlets to deter mice.

Q: I don't understand how mice are getting into my complex?

A: Mice can squeeze into a ¼" hole. It is imperative to do a thorough inspection of the exterior or your building. Cracks, under doors, windows, and areas where utilities enter the building are common entrances for mice. Keep the rodents "sealed out"!


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