Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 3 Traps

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Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 3 Traps

Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 3 Traps

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  • Transparent lid for easy viewing
  • For catching and releasing mice
  • Humane method of mouse control
  • Catches up to 30 mice per setting
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 3 Traps

Take advantage of this 3-trap offer for the Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window and cover all bases at your business, home or office. For use indoors or outdoors, each reusable metal trap can catch and hold up to 30 mice per setting. Since they do not include any poisons and simply contain the mice without harming them, they may be used near children, pets, food and water. An added feature of this model is the viewing window, which allows you to see when a mouse has been caught, as well as how full the trap is.

Simple 3-Step Method

  1. Bait – Just a dab of peanut butter is all it takes.
  2. Place – Put the trap along a wall or next to a hole where mice have been located.
  3. Release – When the trap is full, dispose of the mice following your local authority’s guidelines for releasing captured animals into the wild. The trap may then be reused or stored away until needed again.

Large Capacity for Maximum Effectiveness

Each unit of this 3-trap offer can lure and trap up to 30 mice before needing to be emptied. And with all 3 traps spread out wherever mice have been seen, you can eliminate your problem in no time!

Convenient Indoor and Outdoor Design

Indoors, the TIN CAT® mice trap’s sleek design allows for inconspicuous placement in your home, particularly in drop ceilings, raised floors and underneath furniture. Outdoors, the traps can prevent mice from even getting inside!

No-Touch, Non-Lethal Rodent Solution

Turned off by the thought of handling a dead mouse? Then the TIN CAT® is perfect for you! Rather than kill rodents, this trap lets you return them back to their original home in the wild – without ever touching them! Familiarize yourself with local guidelines first so that you release them where you are allowed to.

Prevent Escapes with a Simple Upgrade

Add our pre-baited Victor Glue Boards (model BM309) for enhanced effectiveness. Designed to insert easily into the trap, the glue board will help keep mice from moving about and attempting to escape. A little olive oil is all that is needed to free them afterward. It is advised that you check the trap more frequently if you add a glue trap, as you will want to ensure that the opening does not become blocked by mice that become stuck upon entering.

Victor® – Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 115 Years.


Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 3 Traps

  • For catching mice if you do not want to touch them
  • Clear "window" allows user to check the trap without opening it
  • Easy to use
  • Each trap catches up to 30 mice per settubg
  • Disposable
  • To increase efficacy of trap, use with the pre-baited BM309 Victor Glue Board - slides into trap
  • Can be used around food, water, children, and pets


Made in the U.S.A.


Disclaimer: does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 14, 2019
Waste of money By WhatdoIneedanicknamefor

The mouse we were trying to catch easily exited from the tin cat. Finally caught it with a small Hav-a-Heart trap.

Response From Victor®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

We are sorry to hear that you did not experience the high level of success we typically see with this trap and would like to know more. The comments you have provided us have been shared with our Product Managers. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) for assistance. We are happy to help!

Review Rate
Review posted on
December 9, 2018
great trap By Debbie

I have one tin can trap without a see thru top and I am going to order three with see thru tops. I hope they are as efficient as the no see thru...first night out I had six mice in it! I would rather look and see thru the top than pick up and look thru the little holes. I am very happy with the trap and the fact that it is humane was the selling point for me as I love all animals and just want to rehome them, any where but our home!

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 17, 2018
Tin Cats By Pat

We ordered six and two of them needed reassembly. The entrance tunnels were not fixed in place, the little metal tabs that hold them in place had to be pried up and then pushed back down with a screw driver. The lids are not snug enough so we weighted them down to keep the mice from escaping the traps. We like this kind of trap, but the manufacturing of these left a bit to be desired.

Response From Victor®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Pat,

We are sorry to hear about this experience! Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) for assistance with this trap, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We are happy to help!

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 9, 2018
Victor Tin Cat mouse trap works! I recommend it! By MB

I bought the Victor Tin cat mouse trap because I liked that it could catch multiple mice at a time. If you see a mouse you can be fairly certain that there are more mice than the one that you just saw. With a snap trap you can only catch one mouse at a time, and the snap trap is not ready to catch another mouse until you reset it. The Victor tin cat mouse trap does not need to be reset. I put bird seed inside one trap and the other trap I did not put any bait inside it at all. Both traps have caught mice. I also like the clear view top, I can tell at a glance if any mice have been caught, there is no need to open the trap to inspect for any mice that may have been caught. I wish i had bought these traps long ago, and I would recommend them to anyone!

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 23, 2018
We had great success with this product and highly recommend it. By Stuart

We have two old retired harness race horses in our barn here in New York. Over the cold winter we had a few mice in the barn. As spring arrived all of a sudden we had dozens of mice running everywhere infesting our horse barn. They were jumping in and out of the horses feed tubs leaving droppings and preventing the horses from eating their grain. We ordered a 3 pack of the Victor Tin Cat Mouse Traps With the Clear Window and baited the with horse feed. We must have caught 70 mice including many babies the first two days! We made several trips to an empty field 2 miles away to release the mice.

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 2, 2018
I definitely recommend it By Angel

Great product, it worked

Review Rate
Review posted on
January 24, 2018
Caught 5 mice my first night By Teresa

I put them all out and first night I caught 5 Second night 6 Third night 4 I believe that the window makes the mice on the outside look at the mice on the inside and they want to join the party. I know that these are catch and release, however, because I have a plant nursery and we are in a rural type area, I would suggest that you offer a drowning tray.

Review Rate
Review posted on
December 21, 2017
live trap By Martin

It really works good. I caught a bunch of mice in my cupboard.

Review Rate
Review posted on
December 17, 2017
Window is awesome! By L'emLive

Love the window in the top. Easy to check for trapped mice and less handling.

Review Rate
Review posted on
December 7, 2017

After trying multiple traps for our fall invasion of mice, we tried the victor mouse trap and after the 5 days, haven't had another mouse. We now use the traps at our business also

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Q.Are the dimensions of this trap the same as those of the original Tin Cat?

The depth of this trap is 10.40 inches, the width is 6.30 inches and the height is 2 inches approximately.

Q.Does this trap have CE mark for application of UE market?

This trap does not have a CE mark.

Q.I bought the tin cat trap. Instructions are "bait the trap-a dab of peanut butter is all it takes." Where, inside this trap are you supposed to place the bait? I thank you

The bait can be placed anywhere inside the trap.

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