Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 6 Pack

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Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 6 Pack 45 3.2 5 1
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  • Ideal for runway trapping
  • Precision Strike Technology: Perfect placement for a quick, humane kill
  • Set with just one click
  • Use anywhere indoors or outdoors
  • No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets when used as directed
  • Available Sizes: 2 Pack, 4 Pack and 6 Pack

Best Used For

Living Rooms

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 4-Traps

When you find rodents in your house, you want a solution that will get rid of them fast! The Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap is one of the quickest, easiest, and most accurate traps on the market. This highly effective trap uses powerful Precision Strike Technology, ensuring a quick, humane kill.

High Voltage Shock

How to Use

Set-up for the Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap is quick and easy. Simply fill the covered bait trough with bait, pull back the kill bar until it clicks into position, and place it against walls or any other locations that mice likely travel. This trap is convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

How it Works

The trap is equipped with a covered bait trough which eliminates the chance of bait theft. When the mouse lifts the bait cover, the kill bar is immediately released with Precision Strike Technology™ that ensures perfect placement for a quick, humane kill. When the mouse is caught, simply lift up on the kill bar to dispose of the dead rodent.

High Voltage Shock
Easy Placement-1

Easy Placement

The Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap can be used anywhere! Place it in various locations both indoors & outdoors. Trap contains no poison, making it perfect for homes with children and pets. Use with caution.

Easy Placement-2

How to Set And Place a Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap

Learn how to use the Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap. It is easy-to-set with one simple “click!"

Five Stars

“I've bought many oriole feeders and by far this is the best one. No mess filling up cups, you just put the jar of jelly on and twist the bottom. So easy to use. I have recommended this feeder to all my friends.” (Review from Anonymous)

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 12-Traps
Model # BM122-12
Quantity 12 Traps
For Use Against Mice
Recommended Placement Indoors & Outdoors
Design Plastic Mouse Trap

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap
Model # CM122
Available Sizes 4 Traps, 8 Traps, 12 Traps
Design Plastic mouse trap
For use against Mice
Recommended Use

Enclosed Spaces:

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Precision Strike Technology™
  • Bait trough cover to eliminate bait theft
  • Easy-to-set with one simple "click"
Disposable or Reusable Disposable
Toxic or Non-Toxic Non-Toxic
Indoor or Outdoor Use Indoor and Outdoor Use

Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
45 Reviews
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This product is terrible.
Jan 13, 2024
This product is terrible. Did not do a quick humane kill as advertised. Infact the EXACT opposite. Horrible experience
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Response from Admin
Jan 18, 2024
We're sorry to hear about this! These traps are designed with precision strike technology for a quick, humane kill. They are covered under a 1-year replacement policy. Please give us a call at 855-584-2867 for assistance.
Neither traps in package will ...
Jan 7, 2024
Neither traps in package will work. Will not hold bar up to set.
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Response from Admin
Jan 9, 2024
Thank you for sharing this feedback. We're sorry to hear that the traps are not setting. If they were recently received or purchased from a retailer, we recommend returning to them for either a refund or exchange. Reach out to us via the Contact Us page with any questions.
Ineffective mouse feeder.
Oct 23, 2023
I bought two of these. The first one disappeared on the first night, which I assume is because a mouse didn't get killed and dragged the trap away somewhere. The second one gets the bait stolen out of it almost every time, I think because the trigger on the bait cover isn't sensitive enough. I did get one, and only one, clean kill out of it. It is essentially useless.
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Response from Admin
Oct 26, 2023
Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback. We're sorry to hear that the desired results were not seen with this trap. It has a 30 day return period. We recommend reaching out to your local retailer for assistance. Reach out to us via the Contact Us page with any questions.
I purchased this trap last ...week
Aug 29, 2023
I purchased this trap last week. First night, a mouse tripped the trap from the side, rather than the front. Sadly, the kill bar does not contact the base on the sides , resulting in a mouse , caught by the neck and still very much alive, flopping around on my countertop. Definitely not a 'quick kill'. Mouse was still alive on release. Second night, killed one mouse. Third night the trap will not reset at all. Seriously not impressed. Would not recommend this product. If there was an option for less than one star I would have selected it! I want quick kill, if I must, not mouse torture!!
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Response from Admin
Aug 30, 2023
Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are so sorry to hear about this unusual experience with these traps and would be happy to send you some replacements. Please give us a call directly at 855-584-2867 for assistance.
So the 1st two attempts ...
Aug 17, 2023
So the 1st two attempts were unsuccessful. I went online and saw that it was suggested to face the bait side towards the wall. Well that worked. However, the only mouse that was successfully killed was a small one. Maybe a stronger spring mechanism would make this item a little more successful.
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Only useful for very small (baby) mice
Jul 13, 2023
Warning: only effective on very small mice. The spring is not strong enough to kill or capture any but the smallest of mice. Also, the trap is not heavy enough: you should brace it or tape it down. (Adding second star for ease of use/design.)
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Response from Admin
Jul 19, 2023
Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with us. We are sorry to hear about your experience with this trap! When tested, this trap was proven to be effective at catching mice of all shapes and sizes. To help prevent them from escaping the trap, we recommend placing it with the baited end flush against a wall or other hard surface. Please feel free to give us a call at 855-584-2867 for further assistance, we're happy to help!
Easy, effective, mouse destroyer.
May 25, 2023
Easy, effective, mouse destroyer. Landlord stated that there was no mouse problem after I complained about chewing sounds behind the walls. I picked up a two pack of these and so far I've removed 8 mice from roaming my apartment at night. You can see one minor foul in how the trap worked in the images, where the mouse and trap are not connected, but, clearly the end goal was achieved. The next kill for each trap with earn them a promotion. My only complaint is that there is no location to place the appropriate sticker so that they may be addressed by their rank, and respected for their excellent service.
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Two less mice
May 3, 2023
I live in a small one bedroom apartment next to a field, I been getting field mice. I bought these new traps, I have had success in humanely killing two mice. The bait cover is very sensitive, slight touch to it sets the trap off. Thank you for improving your design of the old wooden traps.
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I bought this product because the advertising FALSELY claimed it would be humane
Apr 23, 2023
I bought this product because it was advertised as "quick" and "humane." It was quick to catch a mouse, but NOT at all humane. The mouse was pinned by its neck, but the "kill" bar did not break the neck. In fact, the mouse scampered off after I released it. If you use this product, there's a good chance you will be consigning mice to long and tortured deaths, making these traps just as cruel as glue traps or poison. The trap is very easy to set and easily triggered, but it is a terrible design with a ridiculously weak spring. I'm going back to the cheaper wooden traps with powerful springs. Did they even test this thing?? Horrible product.
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Response from Admin
Apr 28, 2023
Thank you for this feedback. We are sorry to hear about this unusual experience with these traps. These concerns have been shared with our Product Manager. The traps have a 30 day return policy.
These are the easiest to ...
Feb 9, 2023
These are the easiest to set traps I've ever used and not only that I don't ever have it going off while I'm placing it into position. Two modifications I've made to these traps to ensure there effectiveness with both mice and rats are 1) shortened thus tightening the spring by approximately 5/16" (reinforced the plastic piece that the spring attaches too) 2) I cut / filed teeth into the kill bar (figured incorporating a straight razor would be too much). Now when that sucker gets tripped I can hear it outside upwards of 50 ft away. And I've never had one suffer unlike the wooden traps where I had to start tying them to something so they didn't pull a Houdini and disappear.
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