Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Traps - 3 Pack

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  • Ideal for runway trapping
  • Precision Strike Technology: Perfect placement for a quick, humane kill
  • Set with just one click
  • Use anywhere indoors or outdoors
  • No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pets when used as directed
  • 3 Pack (Includes 3 Traps)

Best Used For

Living Rooms

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 3-Traps

When you find rodents in your house, you want a solution that will get rid of them fast! The Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap is one of the quickest, easiest, and most accurate traps on the market. This highly effective trap uses powerful Precision Strike Technology, ensuring a quick, humane kill.

How to Use

How to Use

Set-up for the Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap is quick and easy. Simply fill the covered bait trough with bait, pull back the kill bar until it clicks into position, and place it against walls or any other locations that mice likely travel. This trap is convenient for indoor and outdoor use.

How it Works

The trap is equipped with a covered bait trough which eliminates the chance of bait theft. When the mouse lifts the bait cover, the kill bar is immediately released with Precision Strike Technology™ that ensures perfect placement for a quick, humane kill. When the mouse is caught, simply lift up on the kill bar to dispose of the dead rodent.

How it Works
Easy Placement - Indoors

Easy Placement

The Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap can be used anywhere! Place it in various locations both indoors & outdoors. Trap contains no poison, making it perfect for homes with children and pets. Use with caution.

Easy Placement - Outdoors

How to Set And Place a Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap

Learn how to use the Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap. It is easy-to-set with one simple “click!"

Five Stars

“I've bought many oriole feeders and by far this is the best one. No mess filling up cups, you just put the jar of jelly on and twist the bottom. So easy to use. I have recommended this feeder to all my friends.” (Review from Anonymous)

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 3-Traps
Model # M140-3B
Quantity 3 Traps
For Use Against Mice
Recommended Placement Indoors & Outdoors
Design Plastic Mouse Trap

Victor® Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap - 3-Traps
Model # M140-3B
Quantity 3 Pack
Design Plastic mouse trap
For use against Mice
Recommended Use

Enclosed Spaces:

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Precision Strike Technology™
  • Bait trough cover to eliminate bait theft
  • Easy-to-set with one simple "click"
Disposable or Reusable Disposable
Toxic or Non-Toxic Non-Toxic
Indoor or Outdoor Use Indoor and Outdoor Use

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