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  • Pellets attract and kill moles and gophers quickly
  • Easily punch holes in active tunnels with cone tip design
  • Unique formula is palatable to moles and gophers
  • Tube makes it easy to pour pellets into tunnels
  • Do not place in areas accessible to children and pets
Cannot Ship To: HI, NH, PR
Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts Keep your yard free of burrowing critters with Victor Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts. The handy peanut pellets act as both a bait and a killer to eliminate moles and gophers and stop lawn damage fast. Plus, the cone tip design and precision tube makes it easy to pour pellets into active tunnels. With 6 oz. of peanuts, this container includes plenty of bait to rid yourself of burrowing animals.
Attracts and Kills Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts eliminate moles and gophers doing damage in your yard by attracting them then eliminating them. First, the peanuts are designed to look and taste extremely palatable to burrowing rodents. After ingesting the poison peanuts, the active ingredient, Zinc Phosphide, soon exterminates them.
Punch Holes with Cone Tip For your convenience, the cleverly designed container features a cone tip that allows you to punch holes in tunnel surfaces for easy pellet application. After identifying active areas, simply poke a hole in the top of the tunnel with the pointed end of the cone. There are no tools needed!
How to Use Poison Peanuts Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts are incredibly easy to use. Note: this product should not be placed in areas that are easily accessible to children and pets.
  1. Prior to treatment, determine which burrows are active by pressing down a small section of the tunnel. The burrow is active if the flattened runway is raised again or the roof has been repaired within 48 hours.
  2. After identifying active burrows, carefully punch a hole in the top of the tunnels with pointed end of cone.
  3. Next, drop in a teaspoon of poison peanuts and carefully close the tunnel with sod or stone.
  4. Do not collapse the runway again or allow loose soil to cover the bait.
  5. After a few days, check the burrows to see if they are still active. If so, repeat treatment.
  6. While wearing waterproof gloves, collect and dispose of exposed dead animals.
Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts Product Details Do you want to know more helpful details about Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product. Complete Product Details »
Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts
Model # M6006
Quantity 6oz of poison peanuts
Effective Against Moles and gophers
Active Ingredients
  • Zinc Phosphide
  • Other ingredients
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Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

  • Active Ingredient: Zinc Phosphide
  • Quickly and effectively kills moles and gophers
  • Uniquely formulated to be palatable to moles
  • For use in underground runways or subsurface feeding tunnels
  • Easy to use – just drop bait into holes in roof of tunnel
  • Cone-tip design for punching holes and applying the bait
  • Do not place in areas accessible to children and pets
  • 6 oz container


Made in the U.S.A.


Disclaimer: does not endorse any information contained in product reviews. Please follow all label instructions for your specific use.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
May 20, 2020
Great Trap! By JeffreyInGeorgia
This is a great trap! Follow the directions and place it as intended, and you will trap plenty of moles. I set mine up on an active tunnel, and had a mole by the second day. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to set it up, which were of great help to me. Its' actually kind of fun trapping these little boogers. They have destroyed a section of my back yard.

Just be careful not to let pets dig around the trap once set. It could seriously hurt their paws.

Below is a post I made on another site.

Dang moles in my back yard have been doing some damage in this one area. I've killed several with a shovel since last year, by watching the ground move, then jamming the shovel down on them. And man, that's so satisfying! Makes me want to break out into a happy dance when I kill one. However, I've had a few misfires with the shovel lately, and decided to try something else. I seriously thought about breaking out the shotgun loaded with buckshot, but that may cause the neighbors to spill their coffee. So, I ordered the trap. Besides, it's much quieter.

The trap is the Victor Out O'Sight Mole Trap 0631. Just got it, and will set it up in a day or two. It's pretty big and hefty, and does take some strength to set it. And it is very well built.

Stay tuned for some exciting mole killing action! I think! I hope! :)

Review Rate
Review posted on
April 25, 2020
Not happy By Money wasted.

This does not work. I have tried all of Victor's products except the traps and NONE OF THEM WORK. The money spent on these products ought to produce some kind of satisfactory results. I have more tunnels galore. I have a large yard and 5 of the solar sonics didn't even work. I guess I will have to plow up my yard to get rid of them.

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 5, 2020
Product does not work By Negative results

I have tried 3 of your products and NEITHER one of them work. My yard looks a solid mess now. I have tunnels like crazy all over my yard. These products are not cheap!!! I'm going to start looking for something else to see if I can rid of them because this is not working and I am not going to waste anymore of my money on these products.

Response From Victor®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

The key to getting the most out of traps and poison products for pests is to identify currently active areas. To check to see if an area is active, gently tamp down on a raised tunnel, if it has been repaired the next day, it is active and can be targeted with the expectation of success. For more tips, please contact us directly at 855-584-2867.

Review Rate
Review posted on
September 29, 2019
Great Product By Bandon

This works great. I have tried another brand that doesn’t work. My property borders on a wooded lot, so I have lots of persistent moles, but this gets rid of them.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 27, 2019
Does NOT work By gen2

Followed the direction which are fairly straight forward to a T. This stuff didn't do anything and the moles didn't touch it as far as I could tell. Oh, the things companies claim to get your money. Shameful. Don't waste your time or cash on this nonsense. It does not work.

Response From Victor®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

We're sorry to hear that you did not experience the success we typically see with this product. It's important to place the pellets in active tunnels so the animals have easy access. This product is covered by our 30-day guarantee and a 1-year replacement policy. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) for assistance, we're happy to help!

Review Rate
Review posted on
June 16, 2019
Doesn't work! By Dar

It doesn't work! The gophers are smart and know not to eat the pellets. I put the pellets in different holes and they pushed and the pellets out and covered the hole. Don't waste your money...

Response From Victor®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative

Thank you for your feedback! When placing this product, we recommend disturbing the tunnel as little as possible to avoid the animal missing the bait when they are reconstructing damaged tunnel systems. Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) for assistance, we're happy to help!

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Q.The package says don’t use in gardens. How far away do you need to stay away from a garden? And can the product get into a plant through the roots?

We recommend placing this product at least 10-15 feet from vegetable gardens. long will it take for these pellets to dissolve i placed them in my yard a week and a half ago and it has rained multiple times. My reason for asking is I don't want my dog digging them up and getting into them.

If they have become wet they will disintegrate like dog food or rabbit food and may not be usable. The poison peanuts will typically decompose within approximately 2-3 weeks of treatment.

Q.Why cover up bait? Also, does rain affect baiting?

We recommend covering the bait so that non-target animals have less likely of a chance of coming into contact with the product. The product will begin to degrade when it gets wet, as with rain.

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