Bulk Rat Glue Traps

Bulk Rat Glue Traps

With Victor® bulk glue rat traps, you can get plenty of glue boards at a competitive price. These humane rat glue traps target the pests raiding your industrial, commercial or rental property. For ease of use, glue traps don’t require bait – just place them in areas you know rats are most active. Once you’ve caught a rat, these traps are conveniently disposable, which saves you time in your pest control efforts.

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Facts About Glue Traps


The great thing about glue traps is their ease of use. Simply peel off the protective film and set the glue board in an area of high rat activity and check back regularly for a catch. Placement zones include waste collection sites, food preparation areas, crawlspaces, potential nesting sites, drop ceilings and areas where water is prevalent. It’s best to place glue traps on the floor, directly in the paths rats use, which are indicated by greasy streaks where walls meet the floor.


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How to Release a Rat from a Glue Trap: Victor® glue traps use a proprietary Hold-Fast® formula made to prevent escapes. However, there is a way to free them if that’s your preference.


Compare Glue Traps: Which glue trap is right for your needs? Victor® breaks down the benefits of all our buying options.


Buying in Bulk? Learn How to Save: Join the Victor® Rewards program to earn cash back on your purchases of any of our pest control products.


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