Want To Earn Reward Points? Want To Earn Reward Points?

Victor® Reward Points

1 Reward Point equals $0.01.

How do Reward Points work?

Victor® Reward Points enable you to receive money off your purchases by rewarding you for your interactions with our site. Below you will find out how to gain points, spend points, and access your point's statement.

When points are available in your account, the balance will show as a payment method when you checkout using the Victorpest.com Secured Checkout process.

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What types of interactions will earn me points?

  • Registering for a new account - 500 points
  • Placing orders - 20 points for every $1 spent
  • Submitting product media - 100 points
  • Inviting friends to register or checkout on Victorpest.com - up to 1000 points per invite
  • Reaching the one-year anniversary of creating account - 500 points


What are the Terms and Conditions?

  • In order to receive points, you must be logged into your Victorpest.com account when completing one of the above interactions (with the exception of creating a new account).
  • Points earned from completing orders will be available for use after the order has been shipped. Your order subtotal (less any discounts or other virtual payments applied) will be converted to the nearest dollar to calculate your earned rewards.
  • Points earned for submitting a product review will be awarded when review is approved to display on the website.
  • Inviting friends to Victorpest.com will result in points earned when friends create an account and if they purchase from Victorpest.com while logged into their account.
  • Rewards points accumulation capped at 50,000 points.
  • Victor® reserves the right to update the actions that are rewarded and point values associated at any time.


I just bought something - Why didn't I get any Reward Points?

You may only receive points if you checkout through Victorpest.com as a registered, logged-in user. If you check out as a guest or through PayPal or Amazon checkout, you will not receive points because points can only be assigned to an account.

If you checked out through Your Account and did not receive points, and believe there was a mistake, please contact our consumer relations department so that we can update your reward balance.


How do I check my balance?

Each time you earn or use Rewards Points, you will see the updated activity in Your Account. To view the activity, simply login, and navigate to 'My Reward Points'.

In My Account, you also have the ability to set up alerts for balance updates and point expiration warnings. If you select these options, you will receive email updates each time your Reward Point balance updates, or if your points are about to expire. If you no longer wish to receive these updates, simply deselect the notification box on the 'My Reward Points' page of your account.

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How do I redeem my rewards?

When points are available to be used for your account, you will have an additional payment method available while in checkout. To apply, select this option during checkout on the Shipping & Payment step.

If an additional balance remains in your order, you will be required to provide an additional payment method to complete your order.

The entire balance in your account will be applied to the order if you choose to apply your Reward Points. You may not use partial points. If you have more points than required to pay for your order, you will be able to process your order for $0.00, and all remaining points will show in the balance of your account.


When do my points expire?

All Reward Points will expire 2 years after they are earned. These terms are subject to change.

In My Account, you have the ability to set up point expiration warning alerts. If you check this option, you will receive an email alert right before your points are due to expire. If you no longer wish to receive these updates, simply deselect the notification box on the 'My Reward Points' page of your account.


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