Tips & Strategies

You can win the war against rodents! Using the sanitation tips and exclusion strategies below, you can locate the enemy, win the battle and prevent future invasions!

  • Conduct thorough inspection with a good flashlight to determine areas of mouse activity and entry points. How are they getting in to the structure or room? Check drop ceilings, crawl spaces, basement and false floor areas.
  • Concentrate in areas producing heat such as motors and insulation for refrigeration units
  • Seal entry points permanently using cement or with Stuff It or coarse Steel Wool. (where pipes and utility lines enter building)
  • Clean up any food spills or water and keep it clean.
  • Remove clutter and keep food stored properly. Deprive mouse / rat of food and harborage.
  • Keep dumpster or garbage area away from building and clean. All garbage and food debris in covered dumpster or metal garbage pails
  • Be certain there is no overgrown vegetation or material along exterior to provide harborage.
  • Place traps along walls in areas of mouse activity.
  • Offer a buffet. Bait some snap traps with whatever they are primarily feeding on in restaurant. Also bait others with peanut butter, Nutella, Slim Jim or nesting material such as a piece of cotton ball or dental floss.
  • Place snap traps with triggers towards wall in groupings of 2 and 3 traps spaced 1 inch apart.
  • Place a glue trap in Tin Cat for ease of service when dealing with caught mice. Just remove glue trap and replace.
  • A common mistake is not using enough traps or control devices. Overkill is better than not placing enough control devices.
  • Place glue traps along runways and not in corners. Best used flat and not tented. Tent if dusty / dirty area.

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