Victor in the News: Snap! They Actually Built a Better Mousetrap

Snap! They Actually Built a Better Mousetrap

August 17, 2010 - Victor's Quick Set Mousetrap reconfiguration has proven to be a great success. Using more readily recycled plastic, 20% less cardboard, and a reconfiguration of parts and spring mechanism allowed Victor to reduce costs and bring production back to the USA.

"The new and improved Victor Quickset began rolling off the line only two weeks ago, so it's hard to grasp its impact on consumers, but Julien Godbarge, Victor Category Manager says retailers have already taken notice and the news has been met with excitement. Woodstream will focus the rest of the year on spreading the word about how it has returned significant manufacturing operations to the U.S.--the company's Victor wooden trap is the only one of its kind still made in America (at its Central PA facility). In the fall, it will also be launching a new product, the Victor Kill and Seal Mousetrap, which will be the only trap available to kill a mouse quickly and humanely and, through a tight seal, contain all the icky discharge like bodily fluids or parasites. The company's latest electronic rodent control innovation will also be hitting stores with its multi-kill trap that enables consumers to kill 10 mice in one night."


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