Questions about Victor® Power-Kill™ Mouse Trap - 4 Pack


Q.How do I disarm a power-kill trap?

We recommend carefully pressing the trip plate down with a pencil or long stick. Do not place your fingers on the trip plate. 

Q.What is the actual size in inches?

The depth of the trap is 3.80 inches, the width is 1.90 inches and the height is 2.25 inches.

Q.what are the dimensions

This trap is 3.75 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.

Q.Do they hurt human hands?

This trap does close with a good deal of force. We recommend holding the trap from behind the kill bar when setting the trap. This will help ensure that your hands are out of the way should the trap be triggered.

Q.I think I need to be more specific than my previous question: Does this price, ($8.98), include 4 traps? Thank you.

Yes, this bundle includes 4 traps.

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