Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat

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  • Long-lasting glue traps for mice and crawling insects
  • Place in Tin Cat® Mouse Trap or use as a stand-alone glue trap
  • No setting required - just place and catch!
  • Release paper protects glue surface and is easily removed when ready to use
  • Use flat or fold into a tent to hide insects from view
  • Includes 144 glue boards
  • Made in USA

Best Used For:

Living Rooms
Dining Rooms

Victor® Mouse Glue Boards for Tin Cat®

The Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat® is a safe and easy solution for ridding your home of disease bearing rodents. The glue boards can be used alone, or can be placed inside a Victor® Tin Cat® Mouse Trap. In addition to mice and rats, it also traps crawling insects including roaches, crickets, spiders, and more.

Light and heat

How To Use

No set-up is required to use! Simply remove the release paper and place either in a Tin Cat Mouse Trap, or let the board stand alone. Tab locks are in place to form a tent shape that hides trapped pests from view. Place your trap indoors in any location you believe rodents are wreaking havoc.

Pre-Baited Boards

Save yourself the trouble of baiting with Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat®. The boards come pre-baited with synthetic peanut butter for your convenience. The bait is non-toxic, making it a smart option for homes with young children or pets.

Glue Disks

Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat®

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat®? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat®
Model # BM309-144
Quantity 144 glue boards
For Use Against Rats and mice
Recommended Placement Indoors
Design Paper glue boards

Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat® - 144 Traps
Model # BM309-144
Quantity 144 Traps
Design Paper glue boards
For Use Against Mice, rats and crawling insects
Recommended Use

Enclosed Spaces:

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Basements
  • Board used alone or in Tin Cat® Trap
  • Pre-baited wth synthetic peanut butter
  • Non-toxic glue formula
  • Made in the USA
Disposable or Reusable Disposable
Indoor or Outdoor Use Indoor use

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