Questions about Victor® Mouse Glue Board - 72 Traps


Q.what is the difference between the m309 and the bm320? can both be osed along a wall in a flat position?

The M309 is designed to be used with the Victor® Tin Cat® Mouse Trap (Model M312) and folds into a rectangle. The BM320 folds into a triangle. Both traps can be used in the flat position.

Q.I live in NV and have a small lizard stuck in the trap. I would like to free him :( Is there a solution I could poor on the sticky part to loosen it and let him live?

We recommend using vegetable oil to free the trapped lizard from the sticky glue.

Q.what is the exact dimensions of these traps when laid out flat

The flat size of these traps is 5" x 8.75".

Q.Are the traps toxic? 

These traps are non-toxic when used as directed.

Q.Do these boards have a shelf life? If I purchase a batch and open a few at a time. How long do they last?  And when open and placed on a floor how often do you have to replace them...or when does the sticker become in effective?

The traps do not expire. The amount of dust and debris near the trap will determine how often they should be replaced.