Questions about Victor® Mole & Gopher Repellent Yard Spray - 1 Bottle


Q.How long does an application last? Do I need to treat the lawn several times during the growing season?

We recommend reapplying every 4-6 weeks. If mole and gopher activity is persistant, it can be reapplied sooner.

Q.Will this product kill my lawn?

This product contains caster oil. We are unaware of any herbicidal properties that this product may have as it has not been tested. It is intended to be used on grass.

Q.Can this product be used before it rains? Is there a waiting period due to the rain forecast?

A heavy rain may wash this product away, however, a light rain will help to soak it into the soil more. We do not have a specific waiting period for applying when rain is in the forecast.

Q.Will this spray harm green leafy plants?

This product is intended to be sprayed on your lawn to saturate the soil with the scent and taste of castor oil so moles and gophers leave for tastier hunting grounds. It is not meant for use on plants.

Q.How long after you put it down can you let your pets out?

We recommend letting the product dry before allowing pets into the treated area.

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