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Works very well.
Mar 18, 2023
Works very well. First mouse was smart & took a few days of finding the right spot. The 2nd mouse, caught it after 1 night only. Easy set-up. Easy to empty, and re-use.
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Bought less than a week ...
Mar 12, 2023
Bought less than a week ago. Caught 2 mice already. Very worth the money.
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The traps are easy to set, seem to work, and are easy to clean and reset.
Feb 23, 2023
I wouldn't have thought my home was infested, but since I put a couple of these in my kitchen and basement (one each) I've removed a mouse just about every day from one or both of the traps. It works as advertised, and I've never had the bait disappear without a mouse in the trap. I don't think any mice have reached the bait yet. I use peanut butter, as suggested, and it does dry out, so I've replaced the bait because of that, not consumption. I've caught mice without losing bait, or sending an injured or poisoned mouse off to die elsewhere. I know the weather has driven the pests into my home, and they've grown bold enough to invade our cabinets for the first time in years. This is helping us at least feel like we're fighting back. There are a few seemingly small improvements I'd make if I could. Knowing if the device is on and charged is all about trust. You can see the switch easily enough, so you can tell it's in the right position, but since it runs on batteries, I fear the day the batteries die before a mouse does. I get that powering an indicator would drain the battery, but balances in information, right? Based on the "one a day" I get, probably more because of when I check than when they're caught, the batteries should last a few months, so shaving some days off that with an indicator might be a good compromise. In fact, overlapping with the next note, when I did first see an intermittent flash, I thought that was a "ready" indicator instead of a "trapped" alert. Knowing if a mouse has been trapped is not as clear as it could be. The green LED does blink occasionally when the trap has gone off, but not as often as I thought it might. The first time it caught a mouse, I ignored the flashing green because I thought that was an "it's on" indicator, expecting maybe a different color when the trap triggers. A steady light or one of a different color might be better. I noticed the tail of one victim sticking out before I saw the light flash after one kill. While the mouse removal parts are pretty easy and straight forward, getting a little smear into the tiny pill-sized bucket at the end of the trap is a little challenge. I dip a chopstick in some peanut butter, and then try to tap the pill of bait off into the bucket. The size and angles needed make it a little tricky. I appreciate the slim channel needed to ensure the mouse hits the trap right, but it seems like there could be a little more space between the platter and the bait holder. Or maybe a way to separate the bait from the other part of the trap to make access and cleaning easier. I'm not at all worried about the sanitary concerns of the amount of bait that goes in there, but as it dries, it builds up a little, and it isn't easy to clean out. I see others have complained about mice eating the bait end of the trap to get to the bait without going into it (maybe because another mouse is in there?), so maybe an insert or sleeve of sorts that could hold the bait, accessed only when the lid is opened, could give protection and ease at the same time.
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Catched so many with these.
Feb 15, 2023
Catched so many with these. And they have died so quickly. Better then traps that often goes wrong and just maims the animals.
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Pet safe, effective and better design
Dec 16, 2022
2nd electronic mouse trap in ten years, hope it kills as many as my first one did!
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Not wasting my time with live traps, so the mouse can come back in?
Dec 16, 2022
Had one of these years ago, after it killed one mouse a second one came and tried eating through the first one to get the bait but got a shock instead! Was impressed and when I saw this model I wanted to see if they are still as effective killers?
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I bought this electronic trap ...
Dec 8, 2022
I bought this electronic trap after using a variety of Victor and other brands of rat traps. Victor’s standard, wood base rat trap was the most effective, but its hair trigger and messy clean-up got old. I was dubious when I purchased this electronic trap. However, it was easy to set up, maintained its connection to my wifi network, and notified me each time that a rat was killed (2 kills in 3 months). Removing the rat and resetting the trap is simple and there has been no clean-up required. The batteries still show 80% capacity since installation in September (it is mid-December). I will continue to use this device to eliminate our attic rats. Excellent, modern, and effective solution!
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Verified Buyer
The trap works, but it came too late.
Dec 5, 2022
When I got the electric mouse trap and applied peanut butter onto it, the mice had left already. They were only around for the cold days, so when things warmed up, they departed.
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Best mouse trap ever!
Dec 5, 2022
Best mouse trap ever! I’ve had some mice move in and after seeing droppings in the pantry, I knew it was time to do battle. Can’t really use traditional snap traps because I have a curious dog who gets into everything possible. These traps are easy to use and really do have a 100% instant kill rate. With two traps in less than 36 hours, I’ve caught 5 mice so far. Setting the trap is easy, just follow the directions and you’ll hear it charge up after you’ve turned it on. Emptying it is easy too, just disconnect the chamber and pop it open and discard the mouse. I use a tiny bit of peanut butter as bait and use disposable gloves any time I’m handling it just in case my scent might scare them off. I highly recommend these traps to anyone dealing with mice in unwanted places. They’re highly effective and are definitely the more humane way to go.
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The battery cover broke.
Oct 31, 2022
The battery cover broke. Found evidence of another mouse in the kitchen. When I opened the door on the trap to put in a new set of batteries (just to be sure) the little tab broke. Now the door which covers the battery compartment will not stay closed. I'll try to find a jury rig solution to securing the door so I can continue to use the trap but I'm disappointed that small piece of plastic broke to begin with and likely will require an entire new purchase -- no replacement part was found.
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Response from Admin
Nov 3, 2022
Thank you for this feedback. We're sorry to hear that this happened with your trap. Replacement battery covers are not available. It has a one year replacement policy. Reach out to us directly for assistance.

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