Victor® Catch & Hold™ Mouse Trap

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  • Designed for humane catch and release of mice
  • Able to catch and hold up to 4 mice per setting
  • Lid opens for easy, offsite release after catches
  • Traps can be emptied and reused as many times as needed
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Best Used For

Living Rooms

Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap

Humanely capturing mice is a preferred option for many, and this Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap lets homeowners effectively capture mice without chemicals. Often, one mouse that you see means many mice you don't see, and a mouse infestation in your home or office isn't just a nuisance. Capturing and releasing mice somewhere they can't cause troublesome infestations is simple with Victor® traps.

Free of Poisons and Snapping Parts


This Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap uses natural baits to allow live capture and release of pest animals. These traps are also free from snapping parts like conventional mousetraps, ensuring small fingers or curious pets aren't injured by mistake. The fully sealed design means you never have to touch the mice. When it's time to release, simply open the secured lid and let the mice out.


The Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap is designed to be simple for homeowners to use, without ever having to touch a mouse. Simply bait the trap with peanut butter, and place where you know mice travel. Once the trap is full — it holds up to four rodents — follow the guidelines of your municipality to release them back into the wild, away from other neighborhoods. These traps may be used over and over until your mouse problem is solved.

Simple to Use
Trapping Tips


It's important to use the right number of traps. While you may only see a few animals, mice are fast and used to hiding. Studies show that more mice are captured the first night that traps are set, and choosing too few traps may mean the mice that remain are wary. Ridding your home or business from these pests can potentially take longer if not enough traps are set.

5 star review

"Caught my little guest the first night I set it out. Released the little one back into the wild. Simple set up, easy cleaning and reusable. Highly recommended!"


Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap

Learn how to use the Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap, this video gives you all you need to know about catching those mice that roam around.

Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap
Model # M333
Catches per Setting Up to 4 mice
Trap Type Live mouse trap

Victor® Catch & Hold™ Humane Outdoor and Indoor Mouse Trap
Model # M333
Trap Type Live mouse trap
For Use Against Mice
Catches per Setting Up to 4 mice
Usage Notes Check the trap frequently so mice can be released in a timely manner
Materials Plastic
Indoor or Outdoor Use Indoors and Outdoors
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Rodents will chew the plastic and escape
Jul 10, 2022
This trap definitely works! were it not for the problem with the captured rodent chewing the plastic tab that obstructs its access to the metal flap. Once that tab is gone the rodent can easily get in and out of this trap at will. Other reviewers are mentioning this going back ten years. Surprised the product has not been improved since then.
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Fantastic product!
Apr 30, 2014
I am so happy with this product I had to write a review. I discovered a few furry friends in my home and am against killing pretty much I tried the trap and it beautifully, safely and quickly worked...caught my 2 buddies and let them free! And for only $ this day and age of rip offs, thank you for making a very affordable simple solution for those of us bleeding hearts!
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how to set the trap
Mar 13, 2013
I rated it lowest because the mouse trap came with very poor directions. How do you set the flap?You can hardly see the directions on the box and the contents came non assembled
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Feb 15, 2013
I never had to catch a mouse before...this was my first time. There was no way I was going to get a trap that killed the mouse, I just wanted it out of my house. So, I bought this trap today, set it w/ peanut butter and bread, and 5 hours later, we had a mouse! Couldn't have been easier! And I'm so happy that the mouse is alive and unharmed. We set him free in the woods out back of my house. I would highly recommend this product! Thanks for making humane traps!!!
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The Best Trap I Have Ever Seen
Jan 30, 2013
The design of the trap is ingenious yet simple. Without drawing a schematic, the trap has a one-way (horizontal) door. Once the mouse gets in it can’t get out. The really clever part is that this one way door is gravity activated and gravity set. So, after a mouse gets in, it just resets itself by gravity and is ready for the next mouse. I once caught 3 mice in one night with this ingenious contraption! Even if you don’t have mice (and especially if you are a mechanical engineer) it is worth spending a few bucks just to see how a one-way gravity activated door can be relatively easily designed. In addition all the parts are either vinyl (housing) or what looks like galvanized metal (the one way door) so cleaning under hot running water is a breeze. The vinyl housing is clear enough so that you can see by holding the trap up to the light if there are any mice inside. And of course, there is the nice feature that the mice are caught live and releasing them is just a matter of sliding the cover over. My only complaint is that Victor did not (yet) scale up this trap with a model for larger animals like rats, squirrels etc.
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Doesn\'t always work
Dec 18, 2012
The workings of this trap allow the mouse to claw the top of the door that is supposedly closed and get his way out. Have observed this type of trap be raided & the mouse get away. Am looking for humane trap which will not allow escape
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Like others, works great, THEN
Dec 13, 2012
Like most other reviewers, I find that these traps work great at first although I've never caught one than one mouse at a time BUT after several nights, the mice chew through the tabs and escape. I've read responses from Victor suggesting the traps should be checked frequently. I check my traps probably about every 8 hours or so. Who has enough time to check every hour or so??? The trap should be made out of metal like the "tin cat"..which I would get but it appears to be HUGE compared to this one (catches 30 mice?). I usually put the trap in smaller nooks and overhangs in my basement where only a smaller unit would work.
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Oct 23, 2012
Last night I found that we had mice eating some of the snacks in our basement, and immediately went to the store to by traps. I bought this trap due to the appeal of its reusable capabilities as well as the limit of mice at which it can catch at once since in reality there is probably more than one mouse. After following the instructions carefully, ensuring that the lid was secure, I placed the trap where I thought the mice were entering the basement. I was hopeful that our probability of catching the rodents were high as the description states "Statistics show that more mice are trapped on the first night than on any other night". This morning I went to check on the trap and it was in two pieces, THE MOUSE/MICE BROKE FREE OF THE TRAP THAT I SET OUT 8 HOURS BEFORE!! All of the bait (peanut butter) was gone, the trap obviously disturbed from its original location, and the the lid just sat on top of the trap. I do not have any pets so I am sure that this was in no way disturbed by anything other than the mouse/mice that got into the trap. I am so aggravated that this product failed and will never buy this product again. Luckily I had bought other traps last night as well so I have put those in place of where this one was in hopes that the mouse/mice returns again and is caught in that trap. DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU WANT TO CATCH MICE!!!!
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Worked, but...
Sep 28, 2012
I have used a trap like this before, very effectively. However, this time we put it down in the basement and the next morning, the peanut butter bait was gone and a large hole had been chewed through the corner of the trap. Not sure why that would not happen again.
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Sep 21, 2012
As Vice President of a local wildlife rehabilitation group, i am VERY concerned about the well-being of animals: i can testify that this is by far the BEST TRAP EVER! i have used many styles of live catch mouse traps, and some designs are dangerous to our native Deer Mice that are considerably larger than the non-native House Mouse from Asia (Deer Mice are so named because their colouring resembles that of a deer: reddish brown back, white underneath...the typical House Mouse is solid gray brown).Just put a tiny dab of peanut butter in the bait corner of the trap (too much and the mouse will become a sticky mess) and check back every few hours...mice can die from stress if they are trapped for too long; never leave a "set" trap unattended for more than a day (when the trap is not in use, leave the lid off to avoid any accidental trappings). I've used this trap successfully for years, not just in my own home--i've even bought them for my place of employment and have my co-workers releasing mice too!
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Where do you place the bait? Thanks.
Question by: Ben Edelman on Jun 17, 2024, 1:20 PM
There is a small, raised square inside the trap where the bait can be placed. It is the opposite corner to the entrance of the trap.
Answer by: Lauren Potter (Admin) on Jun 18, 2024, 8:10 AM

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