Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap - 12 Traps

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Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap - 12 Traps

Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap - 12 Traps

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  • For catching and releasing mice
  • Catches up to 4 mice per setting
  • Simply bait and place, then release
  • Use anywhere indoors or outdoors

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Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap - 12 Traps

This 12-trap offer of the Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap can handle your mouse-catching needs. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, each trap can lure and contain up to four mice before it needs to be emptied for further use. These live traps contain no poisons or snapping parts, making them ideal for use at your home or business where they may be set near water, food, children or pets.


Simple 3-Step Method

  1. Bait – Put a little bit of peanut butter inside.
  2. Place – Set the trap down wherever your mice are known to travel.
  3. Release – When full, follow your local authority’s guidelines for the release of captured animals back into the wild. The emptied traps may then be reused as many times as needed till you no longer have a problem.

Combine for Greater Capacity and Improved Effectiveness

Enhance the efficiency of these traps by using all 12 to improve the odds of eliminating your mouse problem in less time. With 12 traps that can each hold 4 mice, you can catch up to 48 mice at a time before having to reset them!

Convenient Indoor and Outdoor Design

Used inside your home or business, this trap will catch the rodents that have already made their way inside. But if you are able to determine where they may have gained access from, placing one outdoors will help keep more from entering until you can effectively block the point of entry.

No-Touch, Non-Lethal Rodent Solution

Does a dead mouse make you squeamish? With the Catch & Hold mice trap you do not have to kill, or even touch, the captive critters, which may be returned to the wild once the trap is full. Follow local guidelines and only release them in areas where it is allowed.

Victor® – Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 115 Years.


Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap - 12 Traps

  • For catching and releasing mice if you do not want to see or touch them
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable or reusable - depending on your preference
  • Can be used around food, water, children, and pets
  • 12 traps

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Review Rate
Review posted on
February 6, 2017
Works fine, Question about the top By Jack

I bought two recently again and used two of these years ago when storing a car they worked fine, only comment I would like to know why the top isn't clear so you can see if any mice are in the live trap. It would help unless there is a reason behind the top not being clear

Response From Victor®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative

Hello Jack,

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback. The lid on this product is translucent, which should allow the user to see if a mouse is inside.

Our Victor® Tin Cat® Mouse Trap with Window (model M308) has a transparent window. It can be found at the link below. Feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) with any additional questions.

Review Rate
Review posted on
August 2, 2016
the trap is to dark to see if anything is in it. By Sandy C
did not catch any mice yet, they by pass trap?
Response From Victor®
Patty : Consumer Relations Representative
Hello Sandy,

We appreciate the time taken to provide this feedback and apologize for the experience.

If there are any other food sources that are more easily seen or accessed, the mice will choose those first. Placing additional bait near the entrance may attract mice to the area faster.

Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) for additional assistance.
Review Rate
Review posted on
May 30, 2016
caught 3 so far By louise
My female mouser cat died and our male cat is useless! Late one night I saw a field mouse cross the kitchen to eat from the cat's dish as he lounged there watching... My very old aluminum live catch traps were no longer reliable, so I ordered these dozen from Victor Pest, following their admonition that the first few days are prime catching time and there are probably many more than you see. At first had some problems trying to figure out how ramps and doors needed to be set, but my husband got them assembled (some clearly written instructions and diagram would be helpful). We baited them all, but had no success at first. He had handeled the traps barehanded and probably left his human scent all over them, so I put on disposable gloves and washed all the traps and rebaited them with one shelled peanut in each. We got one mouse that night and our second mouse a few days later. I released them in the woods miles from my house near a walking trail I frequent. No other activity for a few weeks, but I kept the trap up just in case. Last week we caught a third one, very tiny, I doubt it was full grown. I suspect there must be more, so I am going to rewash and reset the traps, this time with a bit of peanut butter on a cracker piece.
Review Rate
Review posted on
May 2, 2016
Its ok By PeanutButter
This product is not great by any means but it gets the job done. The biggest issue I have with this product is the lid. The lid is a bit difficult to put on, I think the tunnel is not necessary and it would work better if the lid slid on from the back. There is a small opening where the lid meets the housing in the back. Other than that it works really well.
Review Rate
Review posted on
February 10, 2015
Worked like a charm By
Saw the mouse on Monday,bought the trap Tuesday, set it Tuesday night, woke-up Wednesday morning with 2 mice sitting patently in the trap weighting to go for a ride to their new home.
Review Rate
Review posted on
March 14, 2013
how to set the trap By
I rated it lowest because the mouse trap came with very poor directions. How do you set the flap?You can hardly see the directions on the box and the contents came non assembled
Review Rate
Review posted on
February 19, 2013
Wonderful Product By
We just moved into a house that had been vacant for two years when we moved in. We have been using the snap traps because I couldn't find a humane trap in our location that I wanted to spend the 25.00-30.00, our mice seem really intelligent and are really hard to catch.. I found this one for 5.00 at walmart and thought "Okay, I will give that a shot." we put it out and had two mice in it this morning! I am so pleased that I will be buying more! Thank you for putting this out at an affordable price. I used to have pet mice when I was younger, so it really has been heavy on my heart to have to hurt them..
Review Rate
Review posted on
February 2, 2013
sorry, only feeds the mice! By
Everything seems to be working properly with this trap. The mice have eaten the bait and escaped! I will not be purchasing this trap again.
Review Rate
Review posted on
January 31, 2013
The Best Trap I Have Ever Seen By
The design of the trap is ingenious yet simple. Without drawing a schematic, the trap has a one-way (horizontal) door. Once the mouse gets in it can’t get out. The really clever part is that this one way door is gravity activated and gravity set. So, after a mouse gets in, it just resets itself by gravity and is ready for the next mouse. I once caught 3 mice in one night with this ingenious contraption! Even if you don’t have mice (and especially if you are a mechanical engineer) it is worth spending a few bucks just to see how a one-way gravity activated door can be relatively easily designed. In addition all the parts are either vinyl (housing) or what looks like galvanized metal (the one way door) so cleaning under hot running water is a breeze. The vinyl housing is clear enough so that you can see by holding the trap up to the light if there are any mice inside. And of course, there is the nice feature that the mice are caught live and releasing them is just a matter of sliding the cover over. My only complaint is that Victor did not (yet) scale up this trap with a model for larger animals like rats, squirrels etc.
Review Rate
Review posted on
December 19, 2012
Doesn\'t always work By
The workings of this trap allow the mouse to claw the top of the door that is supposedly closed and get his way out. Have observed this type of trap be raided & the mouse get away. Am looking for humane trap which will not allow escape
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Victor®  Live Traps - Expert Tips

  • Location, Location, Location!

    The most important rule for the effective use of traps is good trap placement location based on thorough inspections to determine the high-activity areas of rodents.

  • Number of Traps

    The most common trapping mistake is using of too few traps. For only a couple of mice, a dozen traps are not too many. For severe mouse infestations, traps should be placed close together in double sets in areas of high activity.

  • Importance of the First Night

    Statistics show that more mice are trapped on the first night than on any other night.

  • Offer Multiple Bait Choices

    When many rodents are involved, different types of baits should be used. Individuals in a rodent population forage for different types of food.


Victor®  Glue Traps - Frequently Asked Questions

glue trap, victor glue trap, rat glue trap

Q: How many of mice are born at once? How do I know that I've trapped them all?

A: It’s practically impossible to tell when you've trapped them all. You should continue to trap as long as you see mice or notice signs of activity. The most apparent sign of an infestation is fresh droppings.

Q: What is the most common mistake in trapping?

A: The true number of rodents present is underestimated. As a result, not enough traps are used. Although you have killed a few rodents, the remainder of the population continues to multiply.

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