How to Choose the Right Mouse Trap

The Ultimate Guide To: Mouse Traps

All you need to know to choose the right mouse trap for you - in 60 seconds

It's simple. You want the best mouse trap for you. You want to know how to get rid of mice in your house. And you want it fast. Here, in just one minute, you can learn about the specific advantages of an electronic mouse trap, mouse repellent, snap traps and live mouse traps, and then choose the mouse trap that will work for you.

15 Seconds on Snap Traps

Best Choice For...

Catching a lot of mice coming through many entry points.

Cost Effective

The least expensive option, snap traps are the best deal for halting a mouse infestation.

Time Tested

The classic design has proven effective for over a century of use.

No-See Option

"Tunnel design" models trap mice inside a tube, so you don't have to see them.

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15 Seconds on Electronic Traps

Best Choice For...

Trapping mice quickly and easily with no messy cleanup.

Shock Treatment

The burst of battery-powered electricity is a quick, humane way to trap.

Out of Sight

An indicator light lets you know a mouse has been caught, so you never have to check.


Children and curious pets cannot get harmed accidentally.

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15 Seconds on Live Traps

Best Choice For...

Getting rid of mice without harming them.


Mice are trapped but not hurt, so you can set them free far away from your home.

One or Many

Choose from models that capture one, four, or up to 30 mice.


Buy live traps once, use them for years.

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15 Seconds on Rodent Repellents

Best Choice For...

Deterring more mice from entering your home after you've already trapped some.


PestChaser emits high-frequency ultrasound waves that create stressful conditions for mice, repelling them.


People and pets can't hear the ultrasound waves.


It works quietly but constantly, so mice never return.

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