Victor® Announces Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap with Precision Strike Technology™

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Quick-Kill Packaging

LITITZ, PA—Oct. 16, 2014—Mice in and around homes are an inescapable fact of life. Whether they're gnawing on cereal boxes in your pantry or building a nest in your garage, mice are unwelcome houseguests. Now, there is a new, more effective way to control mice invasions. Victor®, a recognized world leader in rodent control, has rolled out a redesigned Quick-Kill® Mouse Trap with improved efficacy. The enhanced Quick-Kill mouse trap features Precision Strike Technology™ that works to instantly release the kill bar when a mouse accesses the bait for a quick, humane kill. Now available in the United States and Canada, the innovative mouse trap also boasts a large covered bait trough for easy baiting and bait theft prevention.

For use indoors and outdoors, the durable Quick-Kill Mouse Trap is easily set by lifting the handle on the kill bar until it clicks and locks into place. The same action also opens the trap for effortless disposal of the dead mouse. Depending on personal preference, the cost-effective mousetrap can be reused or discarded after use.

"We challenged our design team to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the Quick-Kill Mouse Trap and that's precisely what they did," says Andrea Cober, Category Development Associate at Victor. "The redesigned mouse trap kills mice instantly when they take the bait, it's super easy-to-set, it's extremely effective and it's affordable. On top of that, the rodents can't steal the bait without getting trapped; anyone who has ever checked a trap only to find no mouse and no bait will truly appreciate this feature."

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To bait the Quick-Kill mouse trap, raise the bait cover and put a food item that appeals to mice in the generous bait trough. Peanut butter, chocolate or any foods high in protein are good bait choices. Use a toothpick or similar tool to place the bait to prevent your scent from being transferred to the trap. Close the bait cover, and then lift the kill bar until it clicks and locks into place. Finally, place the trap flush against the wall where mice like to travel or in areas where rodent activity has been observed.

"For homes with children and pets, the Quick-Kill Trap is a great choice because it doesn't contain poisons or chemicals," says Cober. "However, when using any type of rodent trap, caution should be exercised."

For more information on the Quick-Kill Mouse Trap or to purchase online, visit Victor's website /store/mouse-control/bm140s-4.

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