Victor® Announces New Mini PestChaser® with Built-in Night Light

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3 Pack PC with NL

LITITZ, PA—April 8, 2014—Continuing their commitment to keeping families safe and homes rodent-free, Victor®, a world leader in rodent control, has taken a good thing and made it even better. The Victor Mini PestChaser, an ultrasonic rodent repellent that emits high frequency sound waves to effectively repel rodents, is now available with a convenient, built-in night light. When plugged-in to a standard 110V-AC wall outlet, the rodent repeller not only keeps rodents away, but also provides a soft glow to darkened rooms.

The Mini PestChaser's mini size and discreet design make the rodent repeller ideal for use in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and anywhere a little extra light is needed. Humane and easy-to-use, simply plug the Mini PestChaser into the lower socket of any wall outlet to safely repel rodents.

"The Mini PestChaser emits ultrasound at varying volumes and frequencies that prevent rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasound," says Andrea Cober, Category Development Associate at Victor. "The noise from the repeller sounds like a jackhammer to mice and rats, but the sound is imperceptible to humans and non-rodent pets. Since you can't hear the sound, the nightlight illuminates showing the unit is working properly."

For optimal rodent control, place one Mini PestChaser in each average-size room or area where signs of rodent activity have been observed. Because ultrasound cannot travel through solid surfaces such as walls, floors and cabinets, the rodent repeller should be placed in an open, unobstructed area. To use, clear surrounding objects and plug the PestChaser with Night Light into a wall outlet near the entrance to the room. Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6-10 days.

In order to be truly effective, a pest control effort needs to use several different tools and methods. First, rid your space of rodents using one of the many solutions offered by Victor. Whether your preference is poisons or snap, electronic or live traps, there is a solution to fit every need. After the rodents are eliminated, use the Mini PestChaser to keep them away.

"Each Mini PestChaser uses less than a penny a day in energy costs, so they're very cost effective," says Cober. "And the new built-in night light? That's the icing on the cake."

The Victor Mini PestChaser with Night Light is available in 1, 2, 3 or 4-packs and can be purchased on Victor's website at

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