The Better Mousetrap!

July 5, 2003 - Lititz, PA- The long search for the proverbial "better mousetrap" is finally over – and it comes from the same company that pioneered the original spring-trap design.

Press Release - Electronic Mouse Trap - rodent control

Victor®, the most recognized name in rodent control, has introduced the world's first electronic mousetrap utilizing "smart electronics" for a fast, humane, safe, clean catch with easy disposal.

The patented Victor® Electronic Trap (EMT) offers the perfect combination of an intricate mousetrap appliance with smart electronics, and is a quantum leap in rodent control.

The EMT features a patented tunnel design that guides and positions the mouse to ensure quick, clean capture with no escapes upon activation. With the consistent quick demise of only 5-10 seconds, it is the most humane trapping solution available.

In lab testing, the EMT demonstrates 100 percent mortality when a mouse enters the trap and completes the circuit. Since it is achieved electronically, there is no messy clean up traditionally found with other trapping devices. Once the mouse is caught, the signal light will blink green for 24 hours alerting the user to dispose of the pest. There is no need to ever touch a rodent again. You simply lift the lid and discard the dead mouse.

There are several built-in safety features to eliminate any chance of a shock while handling the unit. Tunnel diverters physically prevent anyone from contacting the plates when the EMT is set. In addition, while the tunnel lid is opened the EMT automatically disarms allowing the user to bait or dispose of a mouse freely. The EMT will automatically rearm when the lid is closed.

The EMT uses four AA batteries (not included), which will activate over 50 captures at normal room temperature. If you choose to use the EMT as a monitoring device one set of batteries will last a full year. A red signal light will flash when the batteries need to be replaced.

Woodstream Corporation had been manufacturing mousetraps for over 100 years. Originating as John Mast's Animal Trap Company (ATC), it began manufacturing the well-known spring-loaded mousetrap in the 1890's. Later, the widely recognized red "V" and Victor brand name were adopted. In 1960, the Animal Trap Company changed its name to Woodstream Corporation.

Woodstream, the world's leader in least toxic pest control products for yards, lawns, gardens and flowers, now offers a wide range of pest control solutions under the Victor, Victor Poison-Free® Brand, Concern® Necessary Organics®, and Safer® Brand products. For more information, visit the company's website at

(July 2003)