Sweeney’s Introduces Dual Action Moles & Gopher Repellent

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New Tunnel Penetrating Formula Repels Burrowing Animals by Scent and Taste


LITITZ, PA—Feb. 5, 2014—Sweeney's, a trusted brand in mole and gopher control since 1892, has added a newly formulated, Dual Action Mole & Gopher Repellent to their product line-up. The all-natural, poison-free repellent is formulated with tunnel penetrating that safely repels moles, gophers, voles and armadillos by Dual Action taste and smell. The specially engineered EcoGranules® castor oil covered granules are easily absorbed into the ground, allowing the repellent to penetrate underground tunnels quickly.

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"It's no secret that burrowing animals can wreak total havoc in lawns and gardens," says Andrea Cober, Category Development Associate at Sweeney's. "The dual action strength of our new Mole & Gopher Repellent not only works to quickly repel underground critters, its poison-free so homeowners can safely use the product in lawns, gardens and around children and pets."

Sweeney's Dual Action Mole & Gopher Repellent is available in two sizes and comes packaged in convenient, re-sealable bags. A 4lb bag provides 2,000 sq. feet of coverage. For larger areas, a 10lb bag, contains a concentrated formula of 20% castor oil, provides 10,000 sq. feet of coverage. Watering the lawn after application quickly activates the granules, making the ground smell and taste unpleasant. This sends burrowing animals scurrying away to find a more pleasant habitat.

For best results, moles should be slowly driven from lawns and gardens in stages. "If your entire lawn is treated at once, your mole will tunnel like mad in all directions in an attempt to escape the repellent," explains Cober. "By applying the repellent in stages, you can steadily steer the mole away from lawn that hasn't yet been damaged and out of your yard for good."

More information on how to control moles can be found at www.wrsweeney.com or www.facebook.com/SweeneysDIYPestControl.

About Sweeney's:

Headquartered in Lititz, PA, Sweeney's is an industry leader in developing safe and effective DIY pest control products. Founded in 1892, Sweeney's product line-up includes a wide array of baits, traps and repellents for controlling moles, gophers, voles and other burrowing animals. Sweeney's products are widely distributed at leading retailers nationwide. For more information, call 1-800-800-1819 or visit www.wrsweeney.com.