Rat Snap Traps

Snap Traps

Rat snap traps have been one of the most popular options in rat control for a century. Their design has changed little in that time because it’s effective. These traps use simple logic to deliver humane, instant rodent control. Once a catch is made, the trap can be disposed of or reused at your discretion. Plus, Victor® snap traps are available at an affordable price, so you can effectively control your rat problem at little cost to you.

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  1. $8.99
    • Powerful High-Impact Kill Bar™ for quick, humane kill
    • Simple to use – set and release with just one click!
    • Large bait trough for easy bait placement
    • Oversized trip pedal is easily activated for higher catch rates
    • Mounting holes allow for attachment to pipes, beams and other hard-to-access places where rats thrive

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