Live Mouse Traps

Live Traps

If you want to get rid of mice, but you don’t want to harm them, a live mouse trap may be the perfect solution. Like glue traps, live mouse traps allow for catch-and-release pest control. However, unlike other traps, our humane mouse traps allow you to remove a mouse in your home without having to see or touch it. Once caught, you can release the pesky invader back into its natural habitat. Check your trap regularly to see if it’s made a catch.

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  • 3 TRAPS
    Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap - 3 Traps
  • 3 Traps
    Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 3 Traps
  • 12 TRAPS
    Victor® Catch & Hold Mice Trap - 12 Traps

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