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Victor® glue traps were designed to capture mice and rats, but they can also help you rid your home of other pests as well. Simple to use and easy to place, glue traps don’t require any bait and can be disposed of after a capture.

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  1. 72 TRAPS
    Victor® Mouse Glue Board for Tin Cat - 72 Traps



    • Long-lasting glue traps for mice and crawling insects
    • Place in Tin Cat® Mouse Trap or use as a stand-alone glue trap
    • No setting required - just place and catch!
    • Release paper protects glue surface and is easily removed when ready to use
    • Use flat or fold into a tent to hide insects from view
    • Made in USA
  2. $9.99

    Out of stock

    • Long-lasting glue tray effectively traps mice and insects
    • Sturdy, refillable design allows continuous use of the trap
    • Pre-baited boards attract pests with peanut butter scent
    • No setting or baiting required - simply place and catch
    • Large surface area increases chance of catching pests
    • Glue boards are simple to pop or slide out for easy disposal

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How to Get the Most from Your Glue Traps


How long do glue traps remain effective? As long as your glue traps stay clear of insects or rodents, you can leave them in secluded,  locations until they make a catch.


How do you release a live animal from a glue trap? Victor® glue traps use a special Hold-Fast® adhesive that’s non-toxic and can be deactivated by pouring vegetable oil on the trap. This great feature allows you to free non-targeted animals quickly and with little fuss.


For more ideas on selecting, placing and using glue traps, Victor® offers the following articles:


Glue Trap Comparison – Learn which glue trap is best for your situation. We have three styles of glue boards: Those that target mice and insects, those that target mice only or glue boards for both mice and rats.


How to Properly Place Glue Traps – Learn where to set your glue traps to maximize your chances of catching the mouse or rat you’re after.


How to Use Glue Boards to Get Rid of Mice in Your Walls – If you have rodents living in your home, you want a trap that stops them immediately rather than allowing them to return to their nests before expiring.


5 DIY Tips for Winter Pest Prevention – Tips on using glue traps and other ideas to keep your home free from invading rodents.


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