Mole & Gopher Control

Mole & Gopher Control

Control your mole and gopher problems with Victor® wide selection of gopher and mole traps, repellents and poisons. Repellents work to keep these pests away from your yard, while traps and poisons will stop a mole or gopher infestation in its tracks. If you need to stop gopher and mole damage, Victor® is sure to have the pest control solution you need.

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More Help with Mole Control


Common Myths About Moles – Separate the fact from the fiction regarding moles, and watch video of one tunneling underground.


Meet Our Mole Expert: Stewart Clark – Hear what our resident mole expert has to say about the mole and the best means of countering them.


Keep Your Yard Free of Unsightly Molehills – Learn how to identify a molehill and discover the methods at your disposal for taking back your yard.


Which Way to Go? – A comparison of the different types of repellents available for chasing moles away (sonic, liquid and granular).


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