Mole & Gopher Control

Mole & Gopher Control

Control your mole and gopher problems with Victor® and Sweeney’s® wide selection of gopher and mole traps, repellents and poisons. Repellents work to keep these pests away from your yard, while traps and poisons will stop a mole or gopher infestation in its tracks. If you need to stop gopher and mole damage, Victor® is sure to have the pest control solution you need.

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  1. 2 SPIKES
    Victor® Sonic Spike™- 2 Spikes
    • Moles and gophers are chased away unharmed
    • One spike covers up to 7,500 sq ft
    • Sonic pulses emitted every 30 seconds
    • Operates in a circular pattern, approximately 95 ft in diameter
    • Requires 3 "D" batteries (not included)
  2. 6 CONES
    Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts - 6 Pack



    • Pellets attract and kill moles and gophers quickly
    • Easily punch holes in active tunnels with cone tip design
    • Unique formula is palatable to moles and gophers
    • Tube makes it easy to pour pellets into tunnels
    • Do not place in areas accessible to children and pets
  3. 3 TRAPS
    Victor® The BlackBox™ Gopher Trap - 3 Traps



    • Choker loop-style gopher trap
    • Plastic & galvanized steel construction for strength & durability
    • Moving parts are kept completely below the ground for safety
    • Can be used in all soil types

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  4. 6 TRAPS
    Victor® Mole Trap - 6 Pack



    • Plunger-style mole trap
    • Weather-resistant for long lasting reusable application
    • Equipped with safety pin for secure and safe operation
    • Spears are located below the ground surface, safely away from children and pets
    • 6 traps
  5. 6 TRAPS
    Victor® Easy Set® Gopher Trap - 6 Traps



    • Pincher-style gopher trap
    • Designed to be placed in the run or down the mound opening
    • Galvanized steel construction for superior strength and durability
    • Moving parts are kept completely below the ground for safety
    • Can be used in all soil types

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