Stink Bug Control

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs feed on a wide variety of plant matter, and they mostly prefer berries and fruit, including apples and peaches. Their appetites aside, stink bugs are most known for invading homes and other structures, often causing great distress to homeowners and building tenants.

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    Best Used For: Re-using your Ultimate Stink Bug Trap. This kit includes three replacement lures, and three replacement glue discs for continued stink bug control.

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Facts About Stink Bugs


Yes, they do stink! In an effort to get rid of stink bugs, many people have an instant reaction – they squash them, and when they do, it’s quickly evident how these bugs got their name!


  • The stink bug problem in North America was imported from abroad. These insects are native to several Asian countries, including China, Japan, the Koreas and Taiwan.
  • Stink bugs are suckers! They have a specialized mouthpart that they poke inside of fruits and berries and then use it to suck out the juices.
  • Stink bugs love your house. Your home is the perfect place for stink bugs to hibernate. Light and heat, however, will keep them active all winter long.
  • Farmers hate stink bugs even more than you. From apple orchards to strawberry farms, stink bugs can cause major crop damage. Beyond fruit and berries, stink bugs can destroy pepper, bean, pecan, sorghum and cotton crops.


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