If you need to do it, Do it right.

What does it mean to build a better mouse trap? At Victor®, it means taking the extra steps and not taking shortcuts. It means designing for thoughtful consumers who want to eliminate rodents with the least amount of suffering. It means that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. Check out our latest innovations below.

  Zapper Max Indoor-Outdoor Electronic Rat Trap
Victor® Zapper Max™
Electronic Rat Trap
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  PestChaser Rodent Repeller with Nightlight
Victor® PestChaser® Rodent
Repeller with
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  Safe-Set Rat Trap
Victor® Safe-Set™ Rat Trap
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  Electronic Mouse Trap
Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap
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  Scent-Away Natural Rodent Repeller Packs
Victor® Scent-Away™
Natural Rodent
Repeller Packs
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  Catch & Hold Live Catch Mouse Trap
Victor® Catch & Hold™ Live
Catch Mouse Trap
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  Mole & Gopher

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  3. Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap
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