Questions about Smart-Kill™ Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap


Q.In the mobile app, what does "last activity" actually mean?

The last activity indicates the last time the trap has communicated with the app. Whether it was inidacting a kill, sending a low battery alert, or confirming it had a connection.

Q.What are the dimensions of this trap?

This trap is 3.45" x 7.8" x 1.65".

Q.What if you have more than one mouse trap? How do you know which one to check or do you have to check them all? (I have a lot of mice.)

The traps can be named and the alert will be trap-specific so you do not need to check them all.

Q.Hi, Is it good for norway and roof rats? I mean is it big enough? Thank you,

This product is designed for mice only.

Q.Do electronic rat/mouse traps pose a hazard to household pets?

We recommend placing these traps in areas inaccessible to pets.

Q.Is there a way to interface the wifi trap to pre existing software applications?

This trap is designed to be used with our Victor® Pest app which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store® or Android Google Play™ store.