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Rodenticide Bait Stations

Rats and mice won't stand a chance when you protect your property with Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Rodenticide Bait Stations View Video » Shop Full Line »
Encourages Rodent Interaction Translucent plastic components provide great visibility to the bait block, so rodents can easily see the food as they approach. The tunnel also provides better visibility to the other side of the station, ensuring mice and rats feel safe to enter and encouraging them to interact with the station.
Innovative Tunnel Design for More Kills Simply place Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Bait Stations where you've seen rodent activity and let them do their work! Mice and rats will be attracted to the interactive tunnel design and enter in search of the tasty, but lethal bait.
Rodents Can Enter From Both Ends The two-way tunnels are designed with rodent travel habits in mind. Place along walls and common runways–this placement will allow rodents to enter the bait station from any direction. This design increases the chance that mice and rats will enter and consume the lethal bait.
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Dual Entry Tunnel design encourages rodent interaction
Pre-Loaded With bait so it's ready to use
Attracts Rodents High-quality bait formula is palatable to rodents
Effectively Kills Bromethalin bait means better control with less bait
Child-Resistant Plastic housing with beveled columns prevent bait access
Fast-Kill® Brand Disposable Mouse Bait Stations
Simply throw away the station when bait is depleted. Shop Now »
Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Mouse Bait Stations
Includes a pre-filled, refillable station, bait refills, and disposable gloves. Shop Now »
Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Rat Bait Stations
Includes a pre-filled, refillable station, bait refills, and disposable gloves. Shop Now »
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