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Smart-Kill™ Wi-Fi Electronic Rat Trap

Smart-Kill™ Wi-Fi Electronic Rat Trap

Product Review (submitted on April 12, 2020):

I’ve had this trap for about 6 months and the first (and only) rat catch was super successful! However, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of rats that I’m hearing at night and no more catches. I’ve tried replacing the batteries and making sure that the electronic buzzer still works (it does) but the buzzing sound is faint. I’m assuming it’s strength has depleted for some reason and I’m close to resorting to old fashioned snap traps. Any suggestions would help!

Response From Victor®
Kristen : Consumer Relations Representative

The buzzing sound can be very faint even if the trap is working fine. If the rats are not taking the bait, try using a different bait and changing the placement of the trap. If the bait is being taken, it may be that mice are taking the bait - they are small enough that they might not trigger the trap when they enter.

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