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Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap - 1 Trap

Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap - 1 Trap

Product Review (submitted on October 25, 2018):

It's been a few years but I bought a blue RatZapper that uses the 4 AA cells. I'ts been in my shop for a few years but has never caught anything. I replaced the batteries recently and moved it to a spot where I know I have mouse and squirrel problems. Now I put a few bits of dry cat food in it daily and the next day there are mouse droppings in and around the trap, the red light is flashing and the cat food is gone, but no dead rodents. Batteries are good, tested with a multimeter. Any suggestions?

Response From Victor®
Kathryn : Consumer Relations Representative


Your feedback is appreciated, thank you for taking the time to provide it! When baiting, you want to be careful that none of the bait touches the floor of the trap. Putting a small amount of peanut butter into a plastic bottle cap and sliding it to the back of the trap works well. These traps are also not intended for outdoor use. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) with any questions. We are happy to help!