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Victor® Live Catch Mouse Trap - 12 Traps

Victor® Live Catch Mouse Trap - 12 Traps

Product Review (submitted on February 19, 2017):

Complete joke of a trap Caught a mouse last night, I know I did because the mouse rattling in this plastic trap woke me up in the very early morning hours, and I got up to see, the trap had added weight and movement inside, I should have delt with it then because when I got up this morning the mouse was gone, easily escaped, it takes little to no effort to lift the door past the tiny plastic piece on the side designed to hold the door down one triggered, yes apparently even a mouse can do it, from the inside My purpose for buying this trap wasn't actually to save the mice lives but to um just prolong it for a bit, you see when I release a dead mouse out side, our outside cats would play with it a bit and then have lunch, and well, my kids thought it would be more sporting and fun to release the cats lunch if it were still alive, and I kinda agreed it might be fun exciting to watch, But not with this trap, you have to keep the mouse in the trap to do that, the trap is designed to release the mouse for you, before you can even get it outside, I guess next time I will have to get the kids out of bed at 1 in the morning if they want to see the cats have a midnight snack, before the trap automatically let's it go for me Sorry cats, no breakfast on the go this morning, just your old dry bagged crunchy stuff today

Response From Victor®
Lauren : Consumer Relations Representative

Thank you for sharing this experience. When a trapped rodent has been discovered, we recommend releasing it as soon as possible to prevent the animal from panicking and attempting to escape.

We appreciate this feedback and have shared these concerns with our Product Manager. Please feel free to contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) with any additional questions.

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