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Since 1892 Sweeney's® has been committed to providing the best in mole and gopher control.

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When pharmacist W.R. Sweeney invented a rodenticide that proved to be effective, he established the Sweeney’s® brand in 1892, and has since expanded to include additional rodent control products.

Sweeney’s® offers traps that take care of your gopher or mole problem, and its popular line of repellents not only works on these critters but also drives away voles, armadillos and other burrowing animals.

Whether you wish to eliminate the pests in your backyard for good or prefer a humane method that uses poison–free repellents made of all–natural ingredients, Sweeney’s® has an extensive line of products that will allow you to find the right one for you.




When moles invade your yard, be prepared to retaliate with one of our durable, easy-to-set mole traps. Trapping is an effective mole control option as it will quickly and humanely eliminate the pest. SHOP TRAPS »


If you’re looking for a way to safely drive away moles without harming them, you’ll want to check out our line of eco-friendly, poison-free mole repellents. Whether it’s one of our all-natural granular or spray repellents, you are sure to find just want you need. SHOP REPELLENTS »


Sweeney’s sonic spikes help you chase moles and gophers away by emitting underground, piercing sonic pulses. These high-frequency noises create an unpleasant environment and send pesky gophers scurrying away in a hurry. SHOP ELECTRONICS »


Our mole and gopher poisons are a great way to eliminate lawn-destroying pests. Plus, they’re easy to use. When eaten, the poison works quickly to eliminate moles and gophers. Before you know it, your moles woes will be a thing of the past. SHOP POISONS »
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